easyCar is once again asking the British public to get creative with their holiday snaps, following the success of last years Snapped competition

easyCar, one of the worlds leading low cost online car hire brokers, is once again launching its “Snapped” competition, driving holidaymakers to use their imagination and become amateur travel photographers, with a number of prizes on offer to the best and most creative holiday snaps.

The competition is open to anyone visiting an interesting location for their holidays; from a camping trip in the Cotswolds to hiking through the Alps, easyCar wants to see some creativity. The car hire company are encouraging holidaymakers to replace boring poses with intriguing shots of hidden gems, enough to make your loved ones back home wish they had been there with you.

easyCar is asking visitors to their website to upload their best travel pictures, where they can then canvas votes and rate others to get the chance to win some fantastic prizes. First prize is a seven night cruise for two people on easyCruise life, sailing from Athens to Kalymos, Bodrum, Kos, Paros, Mykonos and Syros with accommodation included to the value of £500. Second prize will enjoy free car rental from any of the company’s 2400 locations in over 60 countries, to the value of £250. Those who claim third prize in the “Snapped” competition will receive easyJet vouchers worth £150, valid on all 289 easyJet routes between 74 key European airports.

easyCar CEO, Bill Jones, said: “Renting cars allows people to explore the hidden gems of holiday destinations – we usually only get to see the paperwork side of the car hire business so for a change we want to see where people go in the cars they hire from us.”

About easyCar.com:
easyCar.com was launched in April 2000 by Stelios, founder of easyJet.com and Chairman of the easyGroup. easyCar is now one of the leading international car rental brokers with a worldwide network of more than 2,400 car hire locations in over 60 countries, including the UK, USA, Australia and many countries within Europe, Africa and South America. easyCar offers a wide range of vehicles from super-mini and compact cars to MPV’s and luxury cars. In the UK, easyCar also offers Van Hire under the easyVan.com Brand.

The easyGroup is the private investment vehicle of Stelios, the serial entrepreneur and currently operates more than a dozen industries mainly in travel, leisure, telecoms and personal finance.

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Innovative Car Diagnostic Tools are showing a steady increase in online demand for DIY car enthusiasts

Innovative Car Diagnostic Tools are showing a steady increase in online demand for DIY car enthusiasts and diagnostic vehicle repair shops. With new vehicle technologies DIY vehicle owners and top of the line repair facilities demand a easy to use, quick, and reliable diagnostic scanning tool. Gone are the days when an auto repair person could diagnose a vehicle problem using a timing light to fix the vehicle.

Today’s top DIYers and top car repair facilities must be able to read a vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes, live vehicle sensors, inspection/maintenance system test results to determine the service a vehicle requires. Saving money on costly diagnosis time is a necessity for auto repair facilities. Time is money and the car diagnostic tools available at One-Stop-Electronics will save you time so you can fix it right the first time.

With this growing car diagnostic tools demand, One-Stop-Electronics has created a car diagnostic tools interface supply website to supply these high end diagnostic needs. One-Stop-Electronics has modified the hardware interface design to support the latest software browser for automotive diagnostics, data acquisition and virtual dashboards.

You will find innovative car diagnostic tools that work with the On Board Diagnostic – OBDII Solutions, includes scanner, code reader, key programmer, clear codes, read sensors and service resetting and more!

Available car diagnostic tools for sale on the website include ALDL, BMW Scanner, Carradio Code Calculator, KWP2000, NEC Programmer, SI-Reset, Star Diagnostics, Techopro, and Uniscan. Hot and in demand Interfaces include: Carsort, Chiptuning, ELM, Nissa, Opel, and VAG.

Vehicle Brands include: Audi, Bosch, BMW, Citroen, Chrysler, Fiat, Ferrari, Hyundai, Mercedes, Opel, Renault, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen.

Prices are lower than the regular online brand name price since One-Stop-Electronics has partnered with several top notch firms to pass their buying power on to you!

All orders offer free shipping and the safe, secure PayPal payment processor.

For more information, please visit One-Stop-Electronics at one-stop-electronics.com Call +852 29409172 or email: poseidon.cindy@gmail.com or chat to flukehandy@hotmail.com.

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Precautions motorists can take to see if they are “good to go” for the road this fall and winter season

Motorists don’t need an automotive member services club like AAA to tell them that when the long sunny days quickly give way to cold, rain and the occasional premature snowflakes, it’s a good sign to begin preparing their vehicle for the fall and winter months.

One precaution a motorist can take to see if they are “good to go” for the road is to take the following survey. If the answer is a definite “yes” to all of the eight questions, they are ready for the fall and winter seasons. If there’s a “no” response on any one, well, there may be some further maintenance required by the motorist.

1. Do you consider yourself a defensive driver and use common sense to adjust your driving habits during adverse weather conditions?

2. Do you maintain a full gas tank to lower condensation for increased fuel mileage?

3. Do you follow the rule of thumb of not to use overdrive in cold or freezing temperatures?

4. Do you know that four-wheel drive make give you better “get-up and go” but it won’t stop your vehicle any faster?

5. Did you know that if you add the weight of a spray-on bedliner to the rear of your truck it provides greater traction? The additional 50 pounds from an Ameraguard Sprayed On Bedliner will give a driver greater opportunity to deter rear wheel skids plus the skid-resistant coating will be handy in wet conditions when loading/unloading work or personal stuff.

6. Is your vehicle equipped with the necessary emergency supplies – like jumper cables, tow chain, shovel, and flashlights — if you and your passengers are stranded?

7. Does your vehicle have a breakdown kit? The basic items include food, water, first-aid kit, road flares, plus warm clothing and accessories as blankets, gloves, boots, and hats.

8. Is the heater and defroster working properly?

These are but a few of the Basic 101 Vehicle Maintenance Tips that any motorist can follow to ensure a smoother and safer ride this winter for family and friends. Other maintenance checkpoints include checking the fluids regularly; maintaining a strong battery; and that all the headlights are shining brightly.

For more information on how vehicles owners can better prepare their car or truck for the seasons’ change, when the weather turns bad and rust and corrosion begins to show signs of attacking the exposed metal like a truck bed, visit www.ameraguard.com or call toll-free 1-866-366-7035.

About Ameraguard Coatings USA

Ameraguard Coatings USA, a pioneer in the sprayed bedliner business, was incorporated in 1991. Over the years, we have grown into a family of dealers across North America, built upon a foundation of integrity, innovation, quality and a dedication to customer service.

Before most of our competitors entered the sprayed bedliner market, we were well on our way to becoming the most experienced and technically advanced company in the industry. We are a supplier of high quality materials, equipment and technical expertise.

Ameraguard puts our network of dealers first in the marketplace, with equipment and chemical technology, application techniques and innovative marketing strategies.

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ACF Car Finance – UK experts in supplying cars and car finance

ACF Car Finance, UK experts in supplying cars and car finance, are offering customers a range of new deals to compliment their current package – from cashback to cinema passes

ACF Car Finance, UK experts in supplying cars and car finance, are offering customers a range of special deals – from cashback to cinema passes.

The latest promotion allows customers to take advantage of a two-for-one cinema pass to Vue Cinemas – (please note: valid until the end of April 2008) – simply for attending their appointment with a member of branch staff. That means everyone has the opportunity to drive away in a newer car and to celebrate with a trip to the cinema.

Customers interested in a part exchange can also take advantage of the fact that ACF Car Finance is now offering a £1,000 minimum part exchange deal – available online, in-store or over the phone – as well as £350 cashback (£250 + £100 internet cash back) on car and bike finance deals, loans and car credit. And if customers choose to buy a car from ACF Car Finance within 48 hours of processing a car finance application, they’ll receive six months free road tax.

With ACF Car Finance branches (http://www.acfcarfinance.co.uk/branches/) all over the UK, it’s easy to take advantage of the special offers on car finance (http://www.acfcarfinance.co.uk/special-offers.html).

A spokesperson for ACF Car Finance said:

“We’re always pleased to offer our customers a range of exciting offers on cars and finance deals. And while our services and expertise are always top notch, our latest offers, including Vue cinema tickets cashback, road tax and part exchange offers give people even more reason to turn to us with all their car purchase and finance needs.”

ACF Car Finance specialises in supplying cars and car finance packages while maintaining a diversity of choice for customers. With a simple phone call, branch visit or online ACF car finance application (http://www.acfcarfinance.co.uk/apply-now/) process, customers can find the car they’re looking for and arrange a car finance solution quickly and conveniently.

About ACF Car Finance:
ACF Car Finance, UK expert in car and bike finance, car loans and car credit. ACF Car Finance allows both UK tenants and homeowners to obtain secured loans, applying the loan to the borrowers’ car rather than their home.

ACF Car Finance boasts a range of branches across the UK, including in West London, Luton, Maidstone, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Mansfield – with a new branch opening in Livingston, Scotland soon. The company also allows customers to conveniently apply for a car finance plan online or via telephone.

ACF Car Finance is a trading style of The Funding Corporation (2) Limited. Registered Number 4757277. Registered Office: International House, Kingsfield Court, Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9RF.

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Knoxville DUI Lawyer launches information portal to assist East Tennessee residents with DUI and DWI legal matters

Knoxville DUI Lawyer launches information portal to assist East Tennessee residents with DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated) legal matters. Portal is designed to answer consumer questions and offer assistance to citizens charged with a DUI or DWI in East Tennessee location such as Knox County and surrounding areas.

McKellar Roskind, LLP today announced the launch of www.Tennessee-DUI-Attorney.net as an information portal for Knoxville and East Tennessee consumers to find information about DUI defense solutions. With content and articles being added regularly on the DUI court process, the website is anticipated to quickly become Tennessee’s primary resource for DUI information.

Featured information includes defense tactics for drunk driving charges as well as other criminal allegations and asset forfeiture. Additionally, as a public service, the firm provides consultations at no charge to citizens in need of a Knoxville DUI lawyer.

The web site will be an invaluable resource for consumers in finding accessible information to address their DUI questions. Information will be efficiently categorized for easy navigation.

Norman McKellar of McKellar Roskind, LLP stated, “Our goal is to be the best consumer resource center and information portal for assisting people in need of a Knoxville DUI attorney. Our goal is to help consumers with their DUI needs. The depth of knowledge and resources at our site is simple, concise and offers every consumer something of value.”

About McKellar Roskind, LLP – The firm was founded by attorneys Norman McKellar and Andrew Roskind. McKellar Roskind, LLP serves clients throughout East Tennessee in the areas of criminal defense, tax defense, and family law. The firm is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Ride sharing & car pooling is a phenomenon similar to a second-hand product market

The Kirchweidach, Germany and Mountain View, Calif based start-up called DriJo seems to be on the right track to help people offset their dependence on the high fuel prices by offering an auction-based ride sharing and car pooling matching service, making partial use of Google Maps technology.

Ride sharing & car pooling is a phenomena similar to a second-hand product market. In both cases a great majority of people are not doing it principally for environmental reasons but to save cost, use High Occupancy Vehicle lanes, etc.

It is first and foremost a social stigma and practicality/matching issue to find the right person to share a ride.

Regarding that dilemma eBay overcame three issues in the product market. To have value attributed to seemingly worthless second-hand stuff (which would be the empty seats in ride sharing). To make it socially acceptable to buy second-hand in many industrialized countries. In all cases it is socially accepted to save costs with eBay.

In a visually very attractive way, DriJo offers a simple method to overlay and compare routes of drivers and potential passengers. “Using an auction-based method similar to other popular auction sites should,” according to the CEO Walter, “animate more drivers to offer rides, especially on highly demanded routes”.

DriJo with its auction-based ride-sharing model assures that:

  • supply and demand of routes based on the starting and arrival address are overlaid and compared automatically and shown on maps or satellite pictures, based on the Google Maps database, practically all addresses, even remote ones in the country-side, can be found – similarly to navigation devices,
  • the cost of ride sharing between driver and passenger is determined by supply and demand via an auction, a registration of all users gives additional security, feedback after traveling by both driver and passenger increases the trustworthiness of both of them.

“Our matching also allows comparing longer routes with shorter requests,” according to the CTO Peter, “and the driver can even define an optional pick-up and drop-off zone along the route to be more attractive to potential passengers.”

Paid ride-sharing is popular in both the US and Europe. In the primary countries in Europe and US/Canada it is estimated to be well over 50.000/day.

On a general basis the market of ride sharing agencies is presently badly distributed between many small ad-based institutions. As a consequence it is very difficult to find regional and long-distance trips in one agency. Additionally these companies generate their own databases which in practically all cases do not include addresses or smaller towns.

DriJo is presently owner-financed and focuses via its patented technology and the innovative business model on the redefinition of the ride-sharing market.

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Ohio Entrepreneurs Respond to Automotive Industry’s “Green Friendly” Focus and Launch New PVD Coatings Production Facility

Ohio Entrepreneurs Respond to Automotive Industry’s “Green Friendly” Focus and Launch New PVD Coatings Production Facility. Chrome Is About To Go Green: Environmentally Friendly Technology to Bring Automotive Jobs to Ohio.

When it comes to the automotive industry, green is definitely in. Automakers and their suppliers are working to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating hazardous materials, lowering emissions and reducing the weight of their vehicles. One classic piece of automotive desires – chrome – is under heavy scrutiny due to durability and environmental issues it possesses. That is, until Onward Coatings flips the switch on its new facility.

Onward Coatings Company and Yet2.com Inc., along with Cleveland based Source Capital and Pillman, have brought together the expertise, vision and money to launch an alternative chrome coatings production facility in Cleveland, OH. Production is scheduled to begin late 4th quarter 2007. Which means by 2008, “Green Chrome” will be on the market.

“The environmental issues associated with traditional chrome plating are clear — most people have seen the movie Erin Brockovich, which first brought the hazards of hexavalent chrome to the public,” says Brian Boley, Onward co-founder. “Some of the chemicals used in traditional chrome plating are a real problem. As a result, government agencies are increasingly involved, passing an updated Personal Exposure Limit early 2006. With the automotive industry’s heightened focus on the environment, we have a chrome coatings technology that is production ready. The process Onward Coatings will be supplying is 100% environmentally friendly, substantially lighter, priced similar, and much more durable than the traditional process used to chrome plate wheels today.”

Onward Coatings’ technology uses powder paints combined with Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) to apply a smooth chrome look-finish to automotive wheels. The process has passed major automotive testing including GM4472P CASS and GM9525P Thermal Shock, all while retaining the deep rich chrome color the consumer desires.

Local Cleveland investor Jamie Pilla understands the opportunity. “Having an automotive background, I fully understood the business model presented by the Onward founders. I see a tremendous upside for not only the automotive industry, but also other industries that want a bright finish. That market relevance and perfect timing, combined with job creation for our area, made Onward a good fit for Pillman. I’m excited to partner with the Onward group and bring the plant to Cleveland.”

Onward’s plan was to open its initial production facility in Cleveland, Ohio late 2007. Initially, Onward planned to employ up to 30 people. The company’s model includes the building of a large scale production facility within 24 months, which will bring the potential employment figure to 100.

But Onward and its partners feel that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Onward Coatings’ licensing and technology commercialization partner, yet2.com Inc., believes the opportunity extends well beyond this next facility. Phil Stern, yet2.com co-founder and CEO comments, “We are excited about the opportunity to work with Onward in building business relationships that will accelerate the adoption of this technology in other geographic markets and for other applications beyond automotive chrome alternatives.”

About Onward Coatings Company, LLC
Onward Coatings Company, LLC was founded in 2003 to understand, test and bring to market PVD chrome coatings to the automotive industry. Our primary focus is supplying alternative coating and chrome plating options to the aftermarket and original equipment wheel industries. Onward’s management team has spent the last three years researching, testing and branding alternative chrome coatings to the automotive industry. Onward has developed the process to commercialize a viable chrome alternative, and is also focused on future advancements of the technology. Onward will continue to seek new ways to provide innovation in the way coatings are applied, the types of coating applications which can be applied in a more effective manner, and the products to which applying a coating will add value.

For more information visit http://www.onwardcoatings.net

If you would like more information about Onward Coatings, or to speak with Brian Boley, please call Brian at 614-778-2663 or email brian.boley@onwardcoatings.net

About Source Companies, LLC
Since 1982, Source Companies, LLC has specialized in providing growth advisory and investment banking services to the controlling owners of medium-sized businesses. Typically a company begins to use our services when its revenue base is between $25 million to $250 million. We have successfully represented hundreds of such companies. Many of these have profitably grown to $300 million to over $2 billion in revenue size. Our services are designed to help the controlling owners of a business build a more profitable and more valuable company.

About yet2.com, Inc.
Yet2.com provides intellectual property consulting and licensing services to world-class clients around the globe. Yet2.com Inc. and its online marketplace were founded in 1999 to promote technology licensing and transfer, with joint investment from Siemens, Bayer, Honeywell, Dupont, Procter & Gamble, Caterpillar, and NTT Leasing. The privately held company has offices in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Its clientele consists of a quarter of the Fortune 1000. Yet2.com draws upon its global network of technology leaders in thousands of companies across all industries, to establish productive dialogs quickly.

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John Bleakley Motor Homes has been recognized as a 2007 Circle of Excellence winner by Winnebago Industries

John Bleakley Motor Homes, Douglasville and Unadilla, GA has been recognized as a 2007 Circle of Excellence winner by Winnebago Industries, Inc. To be honored as a Circle of Excellence dealer, John Bleakley Motor Homes excelled in customer satisfaction.

Winnebago Industries established the industry’s first dealer excellence program in 1986 in order to recognize select dealers for excellence in customer satisfaction. At Winnebago Industries’ annual Dealer Days event in Las Vegas, Nevada, 162 dealers were honored with the Circle of Excellence award in recognition of their excellence in customer satisfaction as it relates to the customers’ sales and service experience with the dealer.

“Winnebago Industries and its dealers will always place emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction,” said Winnebago Industries’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing Roger Martin. “We are exceptionally proud of John Bleakley Motor Homes who has demonstrated excellence in achieving satisfaction with their customers.”

Circle of Excellence scoring is determined by rating dealers in four categories: the Purchase and Delivery Satisfaction study, which is direct customer feedback after the purchase of a motor home; the Customer Satisfaction Study, a survey sent to customers six months after their purchase; a Sales and Marketing Assessment that looks at a dealership’s sales, market share, stocking levels and participation in product training, Dealer Days and the Winnebago Itasca Travelers Club (WIT); and a Service Parts Assessment that evaluates a dealership’s warranty, service training and certified technicians, and traveling customer care.

“For the second year, Winnebago Industries has raised the standard for achieving Circle of Excellence status by increasing the minimum score required on customer satisfaction surveys,” said Martin. “We’re proud to recognize John Bleakley Motor Homes has risen to this challenge again in 2007.”

John Bleakley Motor Homes carries the Winnebago® and Itasca® lines of motor homes from Winnebago Industries.

Winnebago Industries, Inc. is the leading U.S. manufacturer of motor homes, self contained recreation vehicles used primarily in leisure travel and outdoor recreation activities. The Company builds quality motor homes under the Winnebago and Itasca brand names with state-of-the-art computer-aided design and manufacturing systems on automotive-styled assembly lines. John Bleakley, serving Georgia and the Nation for over 39 years, has 3 locations in Georgia:

1) 6200 Fairburn Road, Douglasville, GA 30134, (888) 527-8287
2) 4411 Bankhead Hwy., Douglasville, GA 30134, (877) 247-3594
3) 445 Bleakley Blvd., Unadilla, GA 31091, (877) 456-3700

John Bleakley RV is open 7 days a week and is a full-service dealer with over 60 service bays, fully-stocked parts departments at all three locations in addition to having one of the most knowledgeable and friendly sales staff in the industry. Recently named the #1 Motorhome Dealer for all of Georgia in class A motorhome sales, class C motorhome sales and total motorhome sales, John Bleakley Motor Homes is the premiere RV Dealer in Georgia, the Southeast and the Country. Contact information, industry links and real-time inventory can always be viewed online at www.bleakleyrv.com.

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Mini Mania

Mini Mania was founded in 1974 and has grown to become a multi-million dollar market leader that provides high quality aftermarket parts that include its own ULTRIK(tm) line of high performance parts and very specialized services to a growing customer base of approximately 100,000 consumers around the world.

Mini Mania solidified its market leadership position in 2001 by becoming the first company in the US to import the then all new BMW MINI to use as a product and performance test bed. Shortly thereafter, Mini Mania began to offer a suite of “lifestyle enhancement products” that appeal to recent purchasers of the MINI Cooper™ automobile.

Mini Mania is headquartered in a 16,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in the Northern California foothills outside of Sacramento. The company’s dynamic web site is truly a one of a kind information portal for any Mini Cooper enthusiast, containing over 50,000 pages of unique content augmented with 50,000 part numbers, technical articles and interactive community forums. Each month 75-100,000 individuals access the web site for research and purchase of Mini Cooper parts and accessories.

The company has recently opened Mini Mania UK, a standalone subsidiary in the UK, www.minimaniauk.co.uk to better serve the growing European market. For more information: Mini Mania, Inc. www.minimania.com, 800.946.2642.

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Welcome to EPR Automotive News

EPR Automotive News is a new blog, part of EPR Network, that is going to be focused on and will be covering the automotive news and stories from press releases published on EPR Network.

EPR Network (EPR stands for express press release) is one of the nation’s largest press release distribution networks on Web. The EPR’s nationwide network includes 12 State based PR sites, one major PR forum and a number of industry specific PR blogs and what started as a hobby on Internet years ago turned out to be a rapidly growing business today. EPR Network is also known as one of the most trusted (human optimized, published, edited and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free) PR sites on the web with more than 10,000 company and individual press releases distributed per month. EPR Network is putting your press releases on top of all major search engines’ results and is reaching thousands of individuals, companies, PR specialists, media professionals, bloggers and journalists every day.

EPR Network has thousands of clients around the world including global 500 corporations like Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank, AXA Insurance, Tesco UK, eBay/Skype, Emirates, just to name a few. The network’s PR web sites are currently reaching from 150,000 to sometimes 500,000 unique visitors per month while our viral reach could possibly go to as much as 1M people per month through our presence across various social media sites. EPR Network was established in 2004 and as of May 2008 it had more than 800,000 press releases (pages) published on its network.

If you have a press release to be distributed, you can do it over here: press release distribution