2p Fuel Duty Increase Will Cost Drivers £1 Billion Extra in the Next Year

As petrol prices spike at a six month high of 104.7p per litre, Brits face the prospect of another 2p per litre rise in fuel duty on 1 September. New analysis from uSwitch.com, the independent price comparison and switching service, reveals that consumers will be forced to shell out an extra £29 per year as a result of the impending price hike – equating to an additional £1.16 for every tank of petrol they buy. In total, this will cost UK drivers over £36 million in the next month alone as the cost of filling the average tank hits over £62. This is a 26% (£12.99) increase since 2007, when a full tank cost a more modest £49.22 (87.9p per litre).

Adding insult to injury for motorists, industry experts suggest that petrol prices are in fact set to soar by up to 3p a litre at the height of the holiday season this month, due to the rising prices of oil and an 8% rise in the wholesale cost of fuel. Coupled with the double whammy of the 2p fuel duty increase, consumers could be subject to a 5p a litre rise in total. Further knocks to drivers include government plans to end the temporary cut in VAT on January 1, 2010 – just months after the fuel duty increase comes into force.

However, the research suggests that British motorists are not simply prepared to sit back and watch their petrol bills rocket! One in three drivers (33%) are now planning to ditch their larger gas guzzlers and in favour of a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle, with over a third (36%) citing fuel efficiency as the most important consideration when buying a new vehicle.

“It is not surprising that, for drivers looking to buy a new or second-hand vehicle, size increasingly matters. Flash Harry’s are becoming well and truly flushed, with more and more motorists prioritising fuel efficiency over ‘forecourt flashiness’ by downsizing their cars to pre-empt the increasing expense of filling up the tank. Getting from A to B is more about MPG than ever before, and, with further petrol price increases in the offing, drivers are right to think about the total running costs of a vehicle before making a final decision on the forecourt.”

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Europcar Is Making Car And Van Hire Both More Accessible And More Affordable To Keep Businesses Moving During The Economic Downturn

Europcar, the UK’s leading vehicle hire company, is making car and van hire both more accessible and more affordable to keep businesses moving during the economic downturn, as SMEs focus on reducing their long term financial commitments and cutting costs.

Marketing Director of car hire firm Europcar, Catriona Lougher said: “With the future looking so uncertain, pay as you go car and van hire makes a lot of sense enabling businesses to respond quickly to opportunities without being tied into longer term contracts. We have therefore created tailored solutions suitable for occasional to more frequent users of vehicle hire. Crucially we have removed potential barriers such as credit checks and improved access to vehicles with free delivery and collection for less frequent customers to make car and van hire much more convenient.”

Small businesses needing a car or van infrequently but requiring flexible rates can now book business car hire or van hire online, via phone or from any of Europcar’s branches using a company credit card and have the vehicle delivered for free within a 10 mile radius. Customers can also pre-pay for their car or van hire, which guarantees a lower rate than paying on arrival. Businesses can also opt to take the vehicle hire on their own insurance or use Europcar’s Options+ excess waivers which include additional drivers and SatNav as part of a menu of packages, allowing them to tailor the hire to their needs.

For SMEs that may need vehicles on a more regular basis but want flexible rates, Europcar now offers Business Advantage bookable via Europcar’s 200 plus locations across the UK. This offers a discount of 15% off standard rates every time they book a car, van or prestige vehicle, plus the convenience of a free additional driver.

Businesses that require vehicles frequently but want the certainties of fixed rates are offered a Business Account with a special rate that is tailored to their needs for bookings made via Europcar’s contact centre. This means the business can budget for vehicle hire costs throughout the year and take advantage of up to 30 day credit terms, monthly invoicing, option of credit card or credit account payment, delivery available to home or business, more flexibility with out-of-hours drop off, unlimited additional drivers, reduced rates for long-term/mini lease and 24-hour RAC breakdown cover.

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While Seeking Mitsubishi Insurance May Be A Strenuous Action, There Are Ways To Simplify The Process

While seeking Mitsubishi insurance may be a strenuous action, there are ways to simplify the process. Many drivers are unaware of the factors that go into determining insurance quotes for their vehicles, but a recently published article on InsuranceAgents.com reveals the ease that goes into purchasing Mitsubishi insurance.

“In order to give yourself the best possible chance at finding the most competitive and adequate Mitsubishi insurance on the market, do yourself a favor and go online to compare auto insurance quotes from multiple auto insurance agents,” the article, Mitsubishi Insurance High For Some Models, states. “To further secure yourself the appropriate type and amount of Mitsubishi insurance, you must understand what factors go into determining the quotes you’re receiving.”

The article suggests, however, that there are other ways you have to prepare. “No matter what brand of car you purchase, your luck in finding extensive and convenient auto insurance is determined by the specific model you’ve chosen. Mitsubishi insurance is no exception to this rule.”

There are also several factors that go into determining Auto insurance rates. The list, referencing the Highway Loss Data Institute, explains that the statistical rankings of the make and model you purchased in the areas of cost of injury, collision, and theft claims are all important factors.

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Europcar Has Launched Hire Rewards To Make Vehicle Hire More Accessible And More Affordable For UK Households

Europcar, the UK’s leading vehicle hire company has launched Hire Rewards to make vehicle hire more accessible and more affordable for UK households.

Europcar launches Hire Rewards

Offering potential savings of over £200 on a week-long hire, Hire Rewards is a loyalty programme created specifically for customers hiring once or more a year to provide real cost-savings every time they hire, whatever they go for car hire, van hire or prestige car hire.

The launch of Hire Rewards comes at a time when households are looking for cost-savings as well as greener ways to travel. Many have downsized their own cars and need something bigger, smarter and more reliable for holidays and special occasions, or are looking for alternatives to ownership. Add to this the returning popularity of domestic holidays and Hire Rewards offers those travelling in the UK easy and cost-effective access to a wide range of vehicles on average just six months old, from more than 200 branches nationwide.

Customers can sign up for Hire Rewards at any Europcar location or online and enjoy the benefits instantly.

Catriona Lougher, marketing director for Europcar said: “27% of Europcar customers hire because they are worried about the reliability of their own car, 21% because their own car has broken down and 24% require a bigger vehicle. Furthermore, 23% hire because they don’t have a car. We want these customers to keep coming back to Europcar and by offering Hire Rewards they will have very good reason to. With great savings, UK-wide coverage, and a fantastic choice of vehicles, on average less than six months old, we’re making car hire cost-effective, straightforward and stress-free.”

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Europcar Smooth The Journey With New Vehicle Hire Guide

Europcar, the UK’s leading vehicle hire company has launched a new step by step guide, just ahead of the peak summer season, to be given to every customer at the outset of their vehicle hire.

Europcar Smooth The Journey With New Vehicle Hire Guide

‘Your Guide to a Smooth Journey’ offers all the key information customers need to make their car hire experience enjoyable. The guide includes tips on what to do before setting off, how to improve fuel economy, how to keep the kids happy in the car and some useful telephone numbers customers may need.

Catriona Lougher, Marketing Director for Europcar said: “This may seem a simple step to take but we have invested a lot of time and research into getting this guide exactly right for our customers. It really has been an opportunity to go back to basics, seeking the views of our customers and looking at how we can dispel some of the uncertainties and mistrust that has surrounded car hire. Your Guide to a Smooth Journey makes the process as clear as possible, so that customers enjoy a simple, straightforward hassle free vehicle hire experience.”

The guide is just one of a number of developments Europcar has launched this year to make car hire more accessible to households looking for alternatives to the family run around, or as an alternative to ownership all together. From free car hire delivery and collection through weDeliver, one way hires to and from Airports with Airport Connect and Options+ to enable customers to tailor the hire to their needs with Sat Nav, additional drivers and child seats, Europcar is focused on delivering what customers want from their vehicle hire company.

Catriona Lougher concluded: “Some customers hire from us once a year, some once a month and the reasons for hiring vary so we needed to ensure the guide would be helpful on a number of levels. However in listening to our customers there was one common theme: keep it simple. And that’s what we’ve done, not only in the creation of this guide but we’re looking at every process of the customer journey to make it as smooth as possible for our customers.”

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Auto Insurance Rates Rose 3 Percent Last Year. In 2009, They’re Expected To Rise Another 4 Percent, At Least

It may seem impossible to believe, but auto insurance can still be affordable. Even though rates are rising in most areas of the country, drivers don’t have to let their insurance policies lapse in order to save money, according to a recently published article on InsuranceAgents.com.

Auto Insurance Rates Rose

Auto insurance rates rose 3 percent last year. In 2009, they’re expected to rise another 4 percent, at least. In some areas (depending on the carrier), they’re expected to rise even more. And with many U.S. households suffering from grossly reduced incomes, many drivers may be led to believe that affordable auto insurance is a myth. But it may just require a little digging up to find.

According to the InsuranceAgents.com article, “Several Tips to Keep Auto Insurance Premiums Low as Rates Rise,” drivers who want to keep their auto insurance coverage need to begin their search by figuring out what auto insurance quotes are in their price range.

“The first step in beginning their search for low auto insurance quotes is to figure out exactly how much they are willing to spend on auto insurance. In order to do this, they will have to sit down and budget their expenses,” according to the article.

This means having to calculate finances, like one’s income, savings, expenditures, bills and debts, and miscellaneous expenses.

When trying to save money, the last thing one should do is drop their insurance policies to simply save money in the short term. This puts the former policyholders at risk for a huge financial loss, and too often results in them losing thousands of dollars in even minor events (like a fender bender in a car accident, for example). Not to mention, driving without auto insurance is against the law, in most states.

InsuranceAgents.com suggests other ways to save money on auto insurance, including raising the policy’s deductible, asking for discounts, driving less, practicing safe driving, maintaining good credit, searching for auto insurance quotes regularly, and also, figuring out the right amount of coverage (under-insuring and over-insuring can both cost you too much money).

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Europcar Is Giving Customers A £10 Voucher Towards Their Next Hire If They Bring Their Car Back With More Than A Quarter Of A Tank Of Fuel

The offer applies to customers who bought a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire, taking advantage of just one of Europcar’s car hire deals, including Europcar’s competitive rate per litre, 5p under the average high street pump price.


“Customers have told us they like the option of buying fuel up front as it saves them the hassle of re-fuelling the vehicle at the end of the hire and also means they receive a good rate at a time when fuel costs are rising again”, said Catriona Lougher, Marketing Director of car hire firm Europcar.

“However, there are occasions when the customer has not used as much fuel as they anticipated and this can cause some dissatisfaction. As it would be difficult to calculate the exact reimbursement cost for any fuel left in the car, we have decided to offer a £10 voucher towards their next hire. This is all part of our commitment to make vehicle hire from Europcar accessible, straightforward and cost-effective for our customers.”

This new offer is being announced alongside a host of other activities by the company, including the launch of ‘Hot Summer Tweets’, the new Europcar Twitter campaign to help engage customers during the peak summer months, and a competition to win a 5 star weekend break by signing up to the Europcar newsletter.

Europcar is the European leader in passenger car and van hire. The company serves business and leisure customers throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Europcar is the first company to win the World Travel Award for ‘the World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company’. Today, over 99% of Europcar’s fleet is certified ‘Euro IV’ or above – the most stringent applicable European Union standards today in terms of energy consumption and emissions.

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