Smart Customization System For Car Rental Launched at Europcar

Europcar and Accor have launched a customized car rental reservation service to facilitate their customers’ travel and lodging plans. When an Accor customer confirms a hotel reservation on, a pre-selection of three vehicles available for rental f r o m Europcar is proposed. The selection is based on the customer’s destination, hotel and length of stay.

Accor is the first hotel group to use the new, more dynamic and efficient online reservation system developed by Europcar. Accor customers reserving a Europcar vehicle through this system qualify for exclusive discounts of up to 20% on the cost of their car rental. Members of the Accor AClub loyalty program can earn points and benefit f r o m special conditions on their vehicle rental.

“We are delighted to take our longstanding partnership with Accor on to the next level,” stated Rafael Girona, Chief Operating Officer of Europcar Groupe. “Thanks to this new service, we can provide a high-quality, intelligent and dynamic offering to meet customers’ specific needs.”

According to Pascal Mergez, Accor’s Director of Transportation Partnerships, “This new service constitutes a milestone in the partnership between Accor and Europcar. We rely on our respective strengths to offer our customers high value-added products and services that are easy to reserve.”

Accor E-Commerce Director Romain Roulleau added: “We need to constantly adapt to the needs of increasingly unpredictable customers. Cross-selling, and especially the addition of partners to the reservation channel, will help to make the portal a genuine distribution platform for the sale of complementary services. Our partnerships, such as the one with Europcar, represent a means of securing the customer loyalty while generating traffic and additional revenue.”

In addition to Accor, Europcar has also forged strategic partnerships with easyJet, Europe’s leading low-cost airline, and with TUI, the world’s number one tour operator. Europcar has also established a strategic commercial alliance with Enterprise, the leading vehicle rental company in North America; together, they form the world’s largest car rental network. In addition to these flagship partnerships, Europcar has more than 80 international agreements with prominent travel industry players.

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Breaking Free from SR-22 Insurance

If you’re a driver who has had a few too many run-ins with the law as of late, prepare to be filing for SR-22 insurance in the near future. Unlike other insurance policies, however, this insurance won’t provide you with protection. According to a recently published article on, SR-22 insurance is not something drivers want to possess.

“Like other types of auto insurance, SR-22 insurance is basically a document that proves you have financial responsibility,” the article, Getting Acquainted With SR-22 Insurance, reports. “If you are cited by law enforcement for driving without insurance then you will be required to carry proof of SR-22 insurance for roughly three years just as if you were on probation.”

Although proof of financial responsibility can be obtained through most insurance providers, it is a strenuous process. Drivers are simply better off practicing safe driving because there are several incidents that can cause you to file for SR-22 insurance. They are:

1. Committing a DWI, DUI or other serious violations
2. Having your license suspended or revoked
3. Being involved in an at-fault accident without insurance
4. Having a tendency to repeat traffic violations

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Locking Down Suzuki Motorcycle Insurance

Suzuki offers a wide range of vehicles but is perhaps best known for their slick, sporty, super fast motorcycles. If you are contemplating satisfying your inner speed freak with a Suzuki motorcycle, be sure you effectively protect it with Suzuki insurance. You can find the most competitive rate possible for your new ride by going online to Vehicle Insurance Quotes Today Equals Auto Insurance Savings compare multiple auto insurance quotes.

Typically, insurance providers will charge higher rates for vehicles that are deemed dangerous, high-risk, or expensive. Suzuki motorcycles fall into this category and thus usually require extensive Suzuki insurance policies that come with pricey premiums. It is absolutely necessary to protect your Suzuki with an all-encompassing policy regardless of the price. However, according to an article recently published on, you can secure the most affordable Suzuki insurance possible by taking a few simple precautions.

According to the article, the first and most important step is talking to several auto insurance agents about different Suzuki insurance policies. Doing this will allow you to compare and contrast between different policies to find the cheapest one out there and may also save you money on your vehicle by leading you toward a different model that is cheaper to insure.

Suzuki insurance isn’t going to be cheap but it can be affordable if you know the steps to take. Insurers will always consider vehicles like Suzuki motorcycles to be high risk to insure but you can find yourself the best possible rate for your Suzuki insurance by going to today to compare insurance quotes.

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Europcar Has Launched A Competition To Win A Fiat 500

Europcar Has Launched A Competition To Win A Fiat 500

The competition is running until October 15th 2009 and can be played on the ‘Fiat Green’ dedicated Europcar micro site. Entry is restricted to those living within Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Belgium, where the competition is currently being run.

To be in with a chance of winning one of the two available Fiat 500s, players must correctly answer five questions from the Europcar car rental game. Each of the questions focuses on the eco-friendly benefits of the Fiat 500 and Europcar’s policies as a green car rental company.

The Fiat 500 is just one of seven eco friendly cars from Fiat which are available for hire from the Europcar website. CO2 emissions for each of the cars range from between 110g/km to 119km/km, with full details of each car’s CO2 emissions available on the website. Of the seven cars, the Fiat 500 is the most eco-friendly producing just 110g/km of CO2, however it is also seen as a good all round winner by car industry experts, having picked up the ‘European Car of the Year’ Award in 2008.

This news further cements Europcar’s credentials as an eco friendly company, following the certification of the Green Charter in 2008, the first European car rental company to be honoured with the award. This was shortly followed by Europcar being given the title of “The World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company”, putting it at the forefront of green car rental in Europe.

The Green Charter which is certified by Bureau Veritas recognises a company’s green efforts towards the environment. With 99.6% of Europcar’s fleet certified Euro IV, Europcar was a prime candidate for such an award.

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Renault and Europcar Sign Partnership Agreement in Zero-Emission Mobility

Renault and Europcar, the Renault Group’s No.1 short-term rental partner in Europe, has announced an agreement aiming to speed up the implementation of shared innovative solutions as part of Renault’s “Zero-Emission” vehicles program. The agreement will be signed at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt on September 16.

Europe’s leading car rental company will be implementing innovative solutions as part of the “Renault Alliance electric vehicles” project. With 2,500 rental agencies in Europe, Europcar will roll out the new fleet of Renault electric vehicles, as well as the infrastructure needed to recharge batteries at rental points, starting in 2011.

Renault and Europcar want to offer their customers innovative solutions developed jointly and involving the staff and networks of both partners. Europcar is supporting Renault’s “electric vehicles” project by developing specific new short-term car rental services using Renault vehicles adapted to this form of energy.

A clean means of transportation, electric vehicles are increasingly suited to current mobility requirements and short-term rental. According to Renault research, 80% of people in Europe currently travel less than 60 kilometers per day. The two partners aim to make zero-emission vehicles available to as many people as possible, starting in 2011. The electric vehicles will be silent and environmentally friendly, with no carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or particle emissions.

Commenting on the agreement, Europcar Groupe Chief Executive Officer Salvatore Catania said: “To address the issue of climate change, Europcar wanted to take things further with Renault by optimizing short-term rental solutions suited to electric vehicles. We are proud to have our brand and staff involved in such a large-scale project, which is fully in line with our company’s sustainable development strategy and the goals set forth in our Environmental Charter.”

“Thanks to our ‘Zero-Emission’ mobility program, Renault will offer a broad range of zero-emission vehicles starting in 2011. For Renault, electric vehicles with zero carbon dioxide emissions constitute a real answer to current environmental concerns. We are proud that Europcar has chosen Renault as its partner for its future range of electric vehicles,” commented Uwe Hochgeschurtz, Director of Renault’s Corporate Sales Division.

This partnership reinforces Europcar’s strategy of taking a more eco friendly approach with its green car rental activities. The Company has pioneered in this area since opening a pilot rental location for electric vehicles in Paris in 1999.

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Lord Mayor Councillor John O’Hare Has Officially Opened A New Car Showroom For ACF Car Finance Limited In Walsall

The showroom was officially opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony performed by the Lord Mayor and celebrated with a Grand Open day at the location. Customers and guests attending enjoyed entertainment and refreshments, as well as being able to take advantage of the special offers available.

During the open day, Lord Mayor Councillor John O’Hare met employees of ACF Car Finance and was taken on a tour of the new, glass fronted showroom.

The purpose built showroom for the leading specialist sub-prime car dealer situated on Wolverhampton Road West, features better facilities for their Used Car Finance customers across the region.

Stuart Brotherton, Branch Manager, comments: “We’re delighted that our official opening was a success and we have already received positive feedback on our new showroom. We offer a variety of cashback and part exchange deals and with many people facing financial difficulties we hope, by offering our specialist services, to help more people from across the region to find the perfect car.”

His worshipful the Lord Mayor, Councillor John O’Hare comments: “This new showroom is proof that businesses are still expanding in Walsall despite the current financial situation and will hopefully have a positive effect on the region’s economy.”

ACF Car Finance Limited is a privately owned UK company which specialises in providing quality used cars and arranging car finance.

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APCO Easycare Celebrates 25 years!

Florida Inspection Associates wishes to congratulate partner EasyCare in reaching a significant milestone: 25 years of success. “We applaud the entire EasyCare team on this milestone. EasyCare shares our dedication to customer service. This passion along with their innovative repair coverage and other benefit programs, has helped dealers and consumers alike enhance the car purchasing process for 25 years. We are proud of all they have done for our industry,” offers Bill Schultz Sr Owner and CEO Industry leader EasyCare provides vehicle service contracts (frequently referred to as “extended warranties”) and value-added programs such as key replacement coverage and dent coverage to consumers through over 2000 dealers nationwide.

“EasyCare’s commitment to providing programs that build long-term customer loyalty makes them a tremendous asset as a partner. We look forward to partnering with them for another 25 years,” shares Bill Schultz.

Florida Inspection Associates has been providing Mechanical Inspections and Appraisals since 1987 to extended Warranty and Insurance Companies nationwide.

About EASYCARE®, an Automobile Protection Corporation brand
Founded in 1984, Automobile Protection Corporation-APCO is the leading independent provider of automotive benefits specifically created to enhance a consumer’s vehicle buying and ownership experience in ways that create long-term bonds between the consumer and their dealership.

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SWISS & Europcar Extend Their Partnership

Europcar and Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) have announced that they have renewed their partnership agreement. The number one car rental company in Europe, and Switzerland’s national carrier have been partners since 2003.

SWISS passengers benefit from preferred rates and until October 15 they will enjoy a free upgrade when renting a vehicle online with Europcar. Booking is particularly easy, thanks to the dedicated web site with rates proposed at the end of the flight booking process available to travellers in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

SWISS Miles & More members automatically benefit all year long from 500 miles when renting with Europcar, and until October 15, they can double their miles when renting a car online on in the “luxury” category and above, for four days or more.

SWISS passengers can also take advantage of an exclusive Europcar service in Switzerland; valet parking at the airport. They have the opportunity to park their car at reserved spaces in front of the Zurich, Geneva and Basel airport terminals, and just need to hand in their car key at the Europcar counter. When they return, they will find their car waiting at the same reserved space and, if desired, refuelled and cleaned. Miles & More Frequent Traveller, Senator and HON Circle members who use this service benefit from a free car wash (valid from 24 hours and upon request). This is the fastest and most convenient way to park at the airport in Switzerland.

“SWISS is an important travel industry partner for Europcar and together we have gone from strength to strength,” commented Guirec Grand-Clement, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Europcar International. “By renewing our partnership, we can keep working together to offer ever more value and service to travellers in Switzerland and beyond.”

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Suspended Licenses Result In High Car Insurance Quotes

Just because you made a few mistakes that resulted in your license getting suspended doesn’t mean you’re cursed to receive high car insurance quotes for the rest of your life. There are steps you can take so you can start fresh with a clean driving record and low auto insurance premiums.

According to an article recently published on, committing too many violations on the road could result in a suspended license. “As if it weren’t daunting enough to lose your key to open and unrestricted transportation, a suspended license may cause your auto insurance premium to skyrocket.”

Once your license is suspended you should really invest yourself in proving to your insurance company that you are taking your driving seriously. You can do this by taking a defensive driving course, paying all fees you owe to the DMV, and even applying for a temporary license.

The article states, “To get a temporary permit/license, the suspended-licensed driver will have to pay their state’s reinstatement fee, fulfill responsibility criteria and successfully complete a written test. To keep this privilege, the driver is not allowed to make even one more moving violation.”

So if you have a suspended license or are interested in learning more about managing life with a suspended license, you should visit There you will find a plethora of insurance agents willing to work with you and your situation, no matter what it is.

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Europcar, The European Leader In Car Rental, Has Been Awarded An ISO 14001 Certification For Fulfilling Its Environmental Promises

The main measures implemented by Europcar in terms of social and environmental responsibility are formally documented in its “Charter for the Environment,” which was certified by Bureau Veritas in 2008. This was the first certification of such a charter in the fields of quality, safety, health, environment and corporate social responsibility given to a company in Europe.

Europcar’s charter is founded on bold commitments in four main areas: a green car rental fleet, clean and environmentally friendly fleet maintenance, awareness-raising measures for employees and customers, and ISO 14001 certification of internal environmental management processes.

During its control audit in 2009, Bureau Veritas clearly observed the progress achieved by Europcar in respecting its commitment, regarding a “green” fleet, fleet maintenance, awareness-raising for employees and customers and internal processes. Thus, regarding its green fleet, Europcar signed a partnership agreement with Nissan to launch electric vehicles in the rental market and is developing global zero-emission mobility solutions.

Regarding fleet maintenance, Europcar has set up a recycling program for waste, fluids and wastewater f r o m all its washing stations.

In view of raising awareness among employees and customers, Europcar launched an internal competition within its employees to find the “best green idea,” recently awarding an e-Solex for an IT hardware recycling concept. For its customers, the company has set up CO2 offset and invoicing programs stating the quantity of CO2 emitted for each car and van rental

Concerning its internal processes, Europcar gained ISO 14001 certification for its internal environmental management processes in Germany during February 2009, following on f r o m Spain and Italy where it secured ISO 14001 accreditation in May 2000 and June 1999 and has just received it for the Group’s headquarters. The company aims to gain the same certification in France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Belgium by the end of 2009. Franchisees in other countries are required to apply the same processes.

“For over 10 years, we have been offering clean vehicles and have played a pioneering role in our industry,” stated Rafael Girona, Chief Operating Officer of Europcar Groupe. “We take our sustainable development commitments and initiatives very seriously indeed. ISO 14001 certification and Bureau Veritas’s validation of the progress made reinforces our confidence that we are on the right track.”

About Europcar:
Europcar is the European leader in passenger car and light utility vehicle rentals.

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Europcar, The UK’s Leading Vehicle Hire Company, Drives Change In Customer Experience

Europcar, the UK’s leading vehicle hire company has taken a leaf from its counterparts in the airline and hotel industries to create a fresh approach to customer experience management.

Following detailed research amongst customers and analysis of the customer journey, Europcar has created what it believes is the car and van hire industry’s first Customer Experience Guide for employees. At the same time, a new, uncomplicated, step by step customer rental guide ‘Your Guide to a Smooth Journey’ has been launched for provision to every customer to ensure a simple, stress free hire experience.

The Customer Experience Guide is a new process to be adopted by all customer-facing employees across Europcar UK Group’s business, from those working at the 200 plus branches throughout the UK along to those dealing with telephone reservations and enquiries at Europcar’s contact centre. The aim is to create the best possible service to customers from the point of contact through to the end of the hire.

Catriona Lougher, Marketing Director for Europcar said: “Whilst high volume business car hire customers have always enjoyed a good level of service from vehicle hire companies, it would be fair to say the leisure customer has not traditionally received the same focus of attention.”

Europcar looked at each aspect of the customer journey in line with extensive customer research undertaken early in 2009 to create a more cohesive approach to service for both business and leisure customers. The guide maps out the different steps of the car hire experience, what customers want at each interaction and the key customer facing operational standards to be delivered.

New key fobs have also been developed for each customer-facing member of staff outlining the 6 golden rules for good customer service to ensure they understand how to deliver great customer service and to gain some consistency across the business.

Catriona Lougher concluded: “By providing customers with the consistency and clarity they demand, these initiatives will pay dividends for the business enabling Europcar to develop the products, service and experience that delivers differentiation, preference and loyalty. We’ve already launched a range of new products this year that are setting us apart from the competition, from free delivery and collection, to one way airport car hire, now we’re really demonstrating our commitment to be the first choice for car and van hire for consumers and businesses across the UK.”

About Europcar
Europcar is the European car hire leader in passenger car and light utility vehicle rentals.

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Europcar, European Car Rental Firm, Has Partnered With Fiat To Add A New Range Of Eco-Friendly Cars To Their Car Rental Fleet

The new Fiat models offered by Europcar include the eco-friendly Punto, Grand Punto, Idea, 500, Panda, Qubo and Bravo.

Speaking about Europcar’s decision to partner with Fiat, Global Marketing Director Jehan de Thè described how the company’s drive to be more eco-friendly meant that Fiat who are currently “the best-selling brand ranked by volumes-weighted average CO2 emissions” was the ideal choice for Europcar.

Greener car rental solutions have become particularly important for the Europcar Group in recent years. In 2008, Europcar became the first European car hire company to be honoured with the Green Charter, an honour bestowed by Bureau Veritas in recognition of the company’s green initiatives.

De Thè commented: “Europcar is pioneering an eco-friendly approach to car rental through a number of ground-breaking initiatives. In particular, Europcar undertakes to offer to its customers a vehicle fleet with the minimum possible impact on the environment.”

Alongside the alliance with Fiat, Europcar has taken other notable steps to reach environmentally-conscious consumers. Europcar’s website now offers customers the ability to assess and compare the average CO2 emissions for each car group within the fleet before deciding to book car hire with Europcar.

The new Fiat car rental range currently includes some of the most eco-friendly car rental options on the Europcar website. The Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda for example offer 110/km CO2 and 113/km CO2 respectively, while other models such as the Fiat Idea and Grand Punto emit less than 120g/km CO2.

As Europcar continues to take the necessary steps to improve the company’s green credentials, alliances with companies like Fiat are – according to de Thè – “strategic in achieving this”.

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DragonFire Racing Announces New Fabrication and Design Center

DragonFire Racing, a leader in custom performance racing vehicles, accessories and custom racing, is pleased to announce the grand opening of a new, state-of-the-art fabrication and design center at their Mesa, Arizona location. This center will enable DragonFire Racing to test, market and design products at a faster pace and avoid long down time in product release, race prep and design.

“Be it for our championship racing team or an amateur rider looking for new parts, DragonFire Racing has always strived to offer the best racing equipment in the sport,” said Todd Romano, owner, DragonFire Racing. “With the opening of our new Mesa Fabrication and Design Center, we have taken the next step in designing, building, and testing our product. We look forward to seeing taking our activities to the next level, both for our racing team and for our loyal customers out on the dirt.”

A state-of-the-art facility in every way, the new DragonFire Racing Fabrication and Design Center is set to help give both consumers as well as DragonFire Racing’s championship racing team the upper hand on the track. It will house the latest in mills, lathes, mig and tig welders, tube benders, breaks, sheers, and plasma cutters. In addition the new facility will allow all sheet metal work to now be done in house as well as carbon fiber and fiberglass work.

About DragonFire Racing
DragonFire Racing is a leader in custom racing performance parts and accessories for Yamaha Rhino 660 Performance, Sand Rails, Pre-Runners, Arctic Cat Prowlers, Polaris rzr accessoriesteryx suspension, Side X Side parts, and ATVs with headquarters in Mesa, Arizona. Focused on building performance accessories and turnkey race vehicles, DragonFire Racing delivers high performance parts and vehicles to customers and dealers worldwide. DragonFire Racing has franchises in California and Arizona. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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