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SEAT Young Driver course has positive effect on accident rates

The pioneering SEAT Young Driver programme is proving to have a positive effect on accident rates among its participants. This is according to research into the subject by Young Driver Training Ltd, the company behind SEAT Young Driver.

A survey among teenagers that have taken the ground-breaking young driver course has revealed that their accident rate is markedly reduced when compared to the overall rate of newly qualified drivers in the UK.

Statistics from the Department for Transport show that two out of ten newly qualified drivers will crash within six months of passing the test*, and drivers aged 17-24 are involved in one in four incidents of serious injury or death on the road, despite accounting for one in eight full UK driving licences.**

By comparison, of those that responded to a Young Driver Survey and had held a full licence for six months or more, fewer than one in ten had been involved in an accident behind the wheel: 9%, which is less than half the national rate.***

Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) chief examiner, Peter Rodger said: “It’s good to see early indications that pre-driver courses are producing safer drivers. The IAM has always felt that training drivers over a longer period of time and catching them when their attitudes towards driving are still developing is key to producing a safer driver.

“Facilitating more time to develop skills of observation and anticipation, and to build a broad experience of different traffic conditions, will ultimately save lives.”

Kim Stanton, Marketing Director for Young Driver, added: “Our research, along with data from the Swedish Government, shows that training young people to drive at an early age when they’re much more receptive to road safety messages really could save hundreds of lives per year.”

SEAT Young Driver is the only driver training course of its type in the UK, offering anyone aged between 11- and 17 years old the chance to get behind the wheel with a qualified ADI instructor and learn how to drive.

Research undertaken for the Swedish Government found that establishing a minimum number of hours of pre-test driving experience slashed accidents among young drivers by 40%****. SEAT Young Driver was set up in 2009 based on this research, and remains the only course of its type in the UK.

By the end of 2012 over 60,000 young people will have taken the SEAT Young Driver course, each of them equipped to go into their driving lessons at 17 having learned the fundamentals of driving.

Lessons take place throughout the UK, from Southampton to Glasgow, at venues with facilities for driver training away from the public highway; locations have included The NEC in Birmingham, Brent Cross in London and Metro Centre, Gateshead.

The course includes the very basics of manoeuvring a car, to more complex, real-world skills like overtaking, using a roundabout and reverse parking.

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Admiral Reveals Prices At The Pumps Fuelling Anger Amongst UK Motorists

Admiral has revealed the results of new research which shows more than 9 out of 10 UK motorists feel ripped off by the current cost of fuel and a similar number are worried that the price of fuel is going to continue to increase.

Car insurance expert Admiral commissioned YouGov to survey more than 3,000 drivers as part of its annual Admiral Survey of Motorists. The statistics showed 93% agree that they feel ripped off and 89% worry that the price of fuel will continue to increase. When questioned as to why they believed fuel costs are so high, respondents overwhelmingly blamed the UK Government, with over three quarters (76%) saying it is most to blame. It was followed by oil companies (41%), world affairs out of the public’s control (25%) and petrol retailers (20%). In fact, 73% agreed they believe the Government is trying to price motorists off the road.

With the average price of fuel per litre standing at £1.40 for unleaded and £1.44 for diesel, the driving public think a fair price for a litre is considerably lower at 92p for unleaded and 94p for diesel according to the research.

Sue Longthorn, Admiral managing director, said: “Motorists are clearly annoyed at the current cost of fuel, and don’t see the price dropping anytime soon. With the proportion of the price at the pumps made up of duty and VAT, it’s clear that motorists see the Government as the biggest culprits when it comes to inflated fuel prices.”

The current cost of fuel is certainly having an impact on the motoring public as over half (57%) have reduced the amount of driving they do due to the cost of fuel while two fifths (40%) have had to cut back on essential spending in order to be able to afford fuel.

Sue continued: “Interestingly, our research shows that some motorists could turn this frustration into action as 42% would consider protesting publically about the cost of fuel. I’m sure no one wants to see a repeat of the scenes in recent years of petrol stations running dry and enormous queues.”

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More Automotive press releases Reveals That Drivers Are Unaware Of Rewards For Good Driving

The thought of having a telematics device fitted to their car may worry some drivers, and many drivers have not even heard of Telematics technology. However has come up with a solution: the ‘ MotorMate’ driving app which is now available on Android and launched today on iPhone to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5. MotorMate app will allow drivers to monitor their driving behaviour by using their mobile phones GPS. The app will assist drivers in finding out about telematics and how they can be rewarded for good driving. The app is free to download from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

With the introduction of telematics devices safe drivers may no longer have to pay the same high car insurance price as someone who drives like a ‘bat out of hell’. Telematics devices, which monitor a driver’s skill and rewards good driving, are becoming increasingly popular, according to car insurance experts at comparison site,, who now have several black box insurance providers on their books and have their own telematics app. However, new research also shows that many drivers remain unaware that they could be rewarded for good driving.

Almost two out of five drivers (38%) say they would consider having a telematics device fitted in their car. However, almost half (47%) of drivers have told that they are still unaware of the new telematics, or black box, devices, which can reduce car insurance costs for careful drivers. Once they know about the boxes, saving money is a motivator for 86% of drivers, and deterring theft by using a black box as a tracking device is a motivating factor for 43% of drivers.

Young drivers are most likely to consider having the devices fitted: 40.5% of 17-24 year olds say yes they would consider getting a telematics device fitted, compared to an overall average of 38%.

Regionally, London has the least awareness of telematics. Only 36% of drivers said ‘yes’, they have heard of telematics, black boxes or pay-as-you-drive technology, compared to a national average of 44% and just 34% of London’s drivers say they would consider having one of the boxes installed, as opposed to Northern Ireland where a whopping 54% of drivers say yes to the idea of the devices.

Significantly more men than women (50% v 39%) have heard of this new technology, but interestingly a similar number of men and women would consider having the devices fitted: 38% of women and 39% of men.

Joanne Garcia Head of Emerging Products at said: “Telematics offers drivers the chance to save money on car insurance. Although the benefits are there for all drivers, it can be especially welcome to younger drivers considering that 17-20 year olds are paying an average of £2,491 for a comprehensive policy.”

“Also by offering our customers our MotorMate app if they are unsure of telematics it allows customers to try the telematics experience before having to commit. The app allows us to reward our customers for being good drivers. By using the app drivers can really understand how they drive and over time they can improve on their driving skills, making them a safer driver and hopefully making our roads safer too.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about telematics can download the free app called MotorMate

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Ticket Relief Is Now Social!

Ticket Reliefannounced today the launch of its official social media platform, including the company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ticket Relief’s first-ever Facebook page ( will focus on developing direct connections to the mainstream audience, making this the ideal destination online for those who utilize the services of the preferred choice for satisfying traffic school on the Internet.

Following Ticket Relief on Twitter ( will give the opportunity for people to instantly connect to breaking news on Ticket Relief services, promotions, forthcoming contests, prize giveaways, and also chat (via the #TicketRelief hashtag) about what they enjoy about the Ticket Relief experience.

Ticket Relief’s YouTube channel ( will allow people to have the access to see up close and personal what Ticket Relief is all about and connect 24/7 with an expanded audience on one of the most exciting and popular online platforms. Ticket Relief’s first two YouTube videos are now available for download, with new ones coming later this fall.

Through this innovative approach in online expansion, Ticket Relief hopes to earn the attention and trust of its future customers, while satisfying the needs of its current clientele by putting their information needs at the center of its business model.

The right content through the interactive channels of Ticket Relief is the next step toward bringing tomorrow’s socially-led media world into today.

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Diamond Reveals Young Women Unprepared For Change In Gender Law

In just over three months’ time a new law comes into force which will prevent insurance companies from pricing premiums based on gender. This is likely to mean higher car insurance premiums for young women, but new research reveals the majority of those who will be most affected by the change are completely unaware of it.

The EU Gender Directive becomes law on 21st December. Diamond, a specialist in car insurance for women, surveyed 1,000 women motorists aged under 30 about the Directive, and found that many of them don’t realise how much it will affect them.

More than half (51%) of those surveyed were unaware of the Directive at all. When asked when they thought the Directive was coming into force only 16% correctly knew that it was later this year. More than a third (36%) thought it was already the law with 16% saying they thought it came in last year and 20% that it came in earlier this year.

Dave Halliday, Diamond managing director, said: “The EU announced it was changing the law regarding gender back in March 2011, which might explain why so many women think it is already in place. However insurance companies have been given until December this year to make the necessary changes to how they price premiums.

“Unfortunately the change is likely to result in higher insurance premiums for young women. This is because from a risk point of view women will have to be treated the same as men, and young men in particular have the worst driving record and are the highest risk. Young women, particularly those aged under 22 should be aware that their premiums will probably be higher when they come to get insurance from 21st December onwards.”

Years of data clearly shows that young men have a far worse driving record than young women. Diamond’s own statistics show men under 21 are four times more likely to have a dangerous driving conviction than women the same age, and the cost of the accidents they have is worse, on average accidents involving men under 21 cost 48% more than those involving women under 21.

Despite the EU’s assertion that men and women are the same, Diamond asked the women surveyed their thoughts on the issue. 72% said they believe men and women drive differently, while a massive 83% believe men and women think differently. Not surprisingly only 7% of them believe men are safer drivers compared with 56% who think women are safer. 37% believe they are the same.

Diamond is looking for the thoughts and comments of young women on the EU Gender Directive and will enter any women who leave a comment on its website into a draw to win an iPad. Diamond has also produced a fun video with comedian Sy Thomas to show the difference between men and women. It can be found at

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More Automotive press releases Launches A New Mobile Phone App To Reward Good Drivers has announced the launch of MotorMate, a new easy-to-use driving app that shows people how good a driver they are at the touch of a button, whilst earning rewards.

The app mirrors in-car telematics technology which is where a black box is fitted to a car monitoring driving performance and potentially allowing good drivers to benefit from cheaper car insurance premiums.

The app also allows drivers who are interested in telematics but are unsure about installing a little black box in their car to ‘try before you buy’.

The app has been developed in an exclusive partnership with MyDrive Solutions, the pre-eminent driver behavioural profiling company in the insurance telematics industry, and RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), to deliver an app that allows drivers to earn real rewards and understand how good a driver they are compared with expert RoSPA drivers, who represent the gold standard for safe driving. The app is free to download from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The app monitors driving behaviour every second and also filters the quality of the GPS data ensuring the driver gets the most accurate evaluation of their driving behaviour. For example, if a driver is moving slowly through congestion, the app will not mark down the driver for driving too slowly, it will recognise the location and traffic build-up and will filter this from the final score, ensuring the driver score is accurate.

The MotorMate app also has a unique heartbeat functionality where it will check in with the phone holder every day to communicate that it is working properly and to ensure that all data is being recorded on every trip.

All individual driving trips made using the app are scored out of 5 stars based on the user’s anticipation of the road, braking, acceleration, and driving at a sensible speed. Feedback on a driver’s behavior will usually be given 10 minutes after the journey has ended (subject to network coverage).

An overall ‘ MotorMark’ is given after the user has driven 250 miles in total (this doesn’t have to be during one journey – it can be a multiple of journeys). Their ‘ MotorMark’ score will be out of 100 – 100 being an expert driver and 20 being a driver who needs improvement.

The ‘ MotorMark’ score is a reflection of how the user drives overall, taking into account factors such as anticipation, pace, acceleration, braking and cornering and gives a more thorough understanding of the driver’s behaviour. The overall score also benchmarks the user’s driving score with that of an advanced RoSPA driver.

MotorMate will allow drivers to look at their driving patterns by reviewing their driving score, and seeing where there’s room for improvement. By using the app as a monitoring tool, drivers should increase their driving score over time, making them a safer driver in the process and making the roads even safer.

As users of the app become safer drivers, they could reduce their car insurance costs since being a safer driver should reduce the risk of being involved in an accident, which means less claims and potentially cheaper car insurance premiums. In fact, this is just how ablack box insurance policy works in real life, and those who opt for a telematics policy, will ultimately be rewarded for being a good driver.

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More Automotive press releases Releases Unique Social Burglar Experiment Footage recently conducted a unique social burglar experiment, following research revealing that 19% of the UK does not have any home and contents cover. To highlight the importance of having home insurance, the price comparison company invited members of the public to get involved with a secretive campaign based around burglary, becoming the first comparison website to embrace social media with such a campaign.

The first phase of the campaign began by asking more than 600 people who entered the competition to visit a page on the website and state the town or city the clues in the video pointed to:

The first three people who guessed the correct location from the clues given were then sent a video which told them about an opportunity to steal high value items from a vacant property in Bristol. In the video, they were asked to travel to Bristol Temple Meads train station, where they were met by an actor.

The competitors were then, one by one, picked up by the in-character actor from the video in a van and taken to the location in Bristol, where they were told to gain entry noiselessly and take what they could find. The competitors were filmed inside the house and were left unaware as to whether anybody would return to the house.

A video of the experience can be found at:

The competitors included Alex from Brighton, who stated on the day that he had been burgled in the past while sleeping.

Security expert John Humphries of Defend and Protect Ltd has 17 years of security experience. He was asked to give his professional opinion of the contestant burglary footage and commented that Alex was surprisingly adept, most likely because he’d been burgled.

Sharon Flaherty, head of PR and content at said: “With this campaign we were looking to create something immersive that demonstrated very clearly the importance of having home insurance and contents cover. We wanted to demonstrate that even members of the public with no burgling experience can gain access to a house and be in and out within minutes having stolen high value or sentimental items, and came up with this unique way to do so.

“In order to make it as authentic as possible, the contestants knew very little about the experience, something that was very important as we wanted to gain the insight of a security expert who could analyse the movements of the contestants and also give tips regarding home security. Interestingly, John Humphries said that the contestant who had been burgled was perhaps more at home in this experiment, as its clear that he now understands just what a burglar is looking for and where. I only hope those watching this don’t have to experience a burglary just to appreciate how devastating it can be.”

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Admiral Asks ‘What If Kids Made Cars?’

Admiral recently asked children aged 5 and 7 years of age to draw the car of their dreams before the company enlisted the help of an automotive design student to turn the kids’ imaginative ideas into a design reality.

The resulting design, based on drawings of their ultimate cars incorporates various features from the children’s drawings. The outcome is a car that flies, hovers using blue flame boosters, has heart-shape wheels with extendable legs so it can jump over other vehicles, outdoor speakers and a giant water pistol.

The ultimate kids car is also controlled by a computer, has a sofa bed, curtains, plants for fresh air, a disco ball and of course, a sweet, chocolate, popcorn and ice cream dispenser.

Managing Director of the car insurance specialist, Dave Halliday, said: “As grown-ups, we might spend a fair amount of time dreaming about the cars we’d buy if our budgets allowed, but we thought it would be fun to see the dream car a child’s imagination would come up with.

“We had no doubt their drawings would be terrific and the children certainly didn’t disappoint. The final design is pretty fanciful but it’s still recognisable as a car and looks like it would be great fun to travel in.”

Admiral has put together an online gallery of all the children’s drawings so visitors to the company’s website can see the inspiration behind the final car design. The drawings are online at

Dave Halliday continued: “You might think cars, driving and the topic of motoring is usually the conversation of adults, but that doesn’t mean children don’t have their own thoughts and ideas about it. We also created a hilarious video simply by letting the camera roll and asking children between the ages of 5 and 7 to share their thoughts on cars and motoring.”

The multicar insurance specialist has also released a new video where kids explain how to drive a car, reveal who’s the better driver in their family, what car they would like to drive and describe what different road signs mean.

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Admiral Adds £300 Cover For Child Seats, Pushchairs And Handbags To Multicar Policies

Admiral MultiCar is adding two new benefits to all its car insurance policies that start from 1st July onwards. MultiCar customers will be able to claim up to £300 for loss of or damage to child seats, booster seats, prams or pushchairs as a result of an accident, fire or theft. They will also be able to claim up to £300 for a handbag or its contents.

Admiral acting managing director, David Halliday, commented: “Being involved in an accident or having your car broken into can be an incredibly stressful experience, but this can made even worse for families due to the paraphernalia they need to carry in their car.

“Current laws require parents to secure their children in appropriate car seats or booster seats. These can be damaged after any accident, even if they don’t seem to be, it’s best to replace them as they may not function correctly in the future. The last thing a parent would want to do is risk their child’s safety so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.”

Within the £300 cover for child equipment, MultiCar insurance customers will be able to claim up to £50 for loss or damage to children’s accessories such as changing bags or sun blinds.

The new items covered are in addition to the standard cover of £100 for personal belongings damaged or stolen.

An Admiral MultiCar policy can hold up to five cars and offers a discount on all the vehicles on cover, the more cars on cover, the larger the discount. Admiral MultiCar is not available on any price comparison site. Visit for more information or call 0844 848 4316 for a MultiCar insurance quote.

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More Automotive press releases Reveals Research On Problematic Parallel Parking has discovered just how problematic parallel parking is for British motorists. It might seem like a simple, everyday activity, but new research suggests parking is a real headache for many motorists in the UK.

New research by car insurance specialist, has revealed one in five (21%) motorists can rarely or never parallel park with three-fifths (58%) giving up and driving off because they haven’t been able to manoeuvre their car into a space. More than one in ten (13%) motorists also admit they avoid parallel parking altogether.

Parallel parking was introduced to the driving test in the early 1990s, but according to the study, it’s younger drivers that have the hardest time parallel parking, despite being the most likely to have been taught in their driving lessons (77%). Almost a third (29%) of drivers aged between 18 and 24 can rarely or never parallel park and are the most likely to avoid parallel parking altogether (16%).

The over 45s are the least likely to have been taught how to parallel park when they learnt to drive, however less than a fifth (18%) say they can rarely or never parallel park. The over 45s are also one of the least likely age groups to avoid parallel parking altogether (12%). surveyed 2,000 motorists and found the average motorist will spend 4 minutes attempting to park their car into a space before giving up. Some motorists, however, spend much longer. One in seven (14%) will spend between 5 and 15 minutes and 1% said they will even spend more than 30 minutes attempting to park their car.

In fact, the research revealed parking is such a struggle for some people they resort to getting someone else to park for them. A quarter of motorists (25%) have got someone else to park their car with 59% asking their spouse or partner, 37% another friend or relative and 4% even asking a stranger. managing director, Brian Martin said: “It doesn’t matter if you’re a new driver or if you’ve been doing it for years, parking can be tricky and parallel parking in particular does seem to be a challenge for many drivers.

“It seems the pressure of someone waiting for you makes the task of parking that much harder. Three fifths (59%) of motorists told us they find it more difficult to park if another motorist is stopped waiting for them to manoeuvre into a space and I can’t help but agree!”

A third of drivers (34%) also said they would like to be taught how to parallel park now given the opportunity with more 18 to 24 year olds, than any other age group, wishing they could be taught again; 40% compared to 34% overall.

To help those motorists who struggle to parallel park and give everyone else a parking refresher, has joined forces with Fifth Gear’s Tim Shaw and stunt driver and double British Autotest Champion, Alastair Moffat to share with motorists the key to parking with ease every time.

People can visit to watch the short film and discover a sure fire way to parallel park every time, no matter what vehicle they’re driving.

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More Automotive press releases Sponsors Bike Racers’ Leading ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ Series

Leading motorbike accident claims specialist firm is continuing its backing of British biking, by sponsoring the nation’s biggest motorcycle endurance racing series.

The Hottrax Endurance Series is the UK’s only domestic endurance racing championship, and sees riders compete over eight thrill-packed weekends in a series of three-hour endurance races.

Honours are awarded at each weekend’s event in three categories – national, clubman and rookie – and the chance for club-attached riders to test the staying power of themselves and their bikes around some of the UK’s best-known racing circuits.

Sorrymate’s Paul Dutton said that, apart from being a great opportunity for the company to earn valuable exposure at these huge weekend gatherings of bike fans, its sponsorship also underlined the bikers’ accident claim handling firm’s commitment to showing that biking brings together a wide range of people, all of whom appreciate the community spirit that the hobby and the sport engender.

“Here at, we’re all enthusiastic, committed bikers, who set out to understand not just the risks faced by riders, but also the enjoyment and thrills they can get out of their pastime,” said Paul Dutton.

“That’s why we get involved with events such as the Hottrax Endurance Series, because it produces great, competitive racing in an atmosphere the whole family comes out to enjoy.”

Paul added: “That philosophy of enjoying biking without having to worry about what to do in the event of an accident is how we came to develop our unique ‘Smidsy’ card, which offers bikers handy and practical tips to help them in the event of an accident while they are out riding.

“The freedom and enjoyment of biking is something legions of people love to experience, but we felt that bikers, whatever their level of experience, needed to know what they should do if they ever become involved in a mishap,” Paul added.

The Hotttrax Endurance Series showcases bike racing at a highly professional level, involving riders who have the confidence in their own and their machine’s ability to compete in a demanding series of races.

See these testing events at the following circuits during the rest of 2012: Snetterton, Anglesey International, Oulton Park, Cadwell Park, and Donington Park. Visit to see the full programme.

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More Automotive press releases Starts Search For Legal Eagle On Two-Wheels

The UK’s leading firm of personal injury solicitors specialising in motorbike accidents has launched a search to find a new biking enthusiast as it looks to expand its legal team.

Demand for the services offered by Warrington-based has increased considerably over recent months and the company is now ready to bring on board a new fully-qualified solicitor, with expertise in personal injury claims, to help the company grow further. offers assistance to motorcyclists from across the UK following road accidents, whether they are cause by drivers not paying attention or dangerous pot holes. The firm is now looking for a legal professional, who loves nothing better than being on two wheels, to help make sure fellow bikers get the easiest possible ride if they’ve been unlucky enough to have an accident.

Paul Dutton at said: “Unfortunately there is nothing the team at can do to prevent accidents from happening in the first place, but when it comes to handling claims, we’re the experts.

“We are all passionate about motorbikes and thanks to increasing demand for our services we’re looking for a fellow biker to come and join the team. By providing our customers with access to fully-qualified solicitors who are also biking enthusiasts means we can offer a complete service – sound legal advice provided by someone who knows what it is like to ride a motorcycle. We’re asking anyone who thinks they’ve got something special to add to our team to get in touch.” has grown into one of the UK’s most recognised brands thanks to its sponsorship of a British Superbike team, radio campaigns and appearances at major biking events including this month’s MCN Motorcycle Show, and last November’s Motorcycle Live 2011 show at the NEC in Birmingham. The team is also due to attend the London International Classic & Custom Show being held on February 25 and 26 at Alexandra Palace.

If you’re a suitably qualified professional with a passion for motorbikes, then get in touch with the team at now by emailing details to

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Win tickets to BSB!

‘Ace’ bike to be subject of unique competition at ‘greatest bike show on earth’

Already excited about greeting lots of old and new bike fan friends at the forthcoming Motorcycle News show in London, the team at motorbike accident claims specialist are even more thrilled to announce a rather special centrepiece on their stand.

Thanks to their good friends at the legendary Ace Cafe London, their stand at the ExCeL arena will feature the Ace 675CR Street Triple Special that is usually displayed at the cafe. Built by Jack Lilley Ltd, West London’s renowned and long established Triumph dealer in collaboration with Ace Cafe London’s Stonebridge Motor Company, the bike is a Limited Edition series of 10 individually numbered machines. Courtesy of Ace Cafe London, they’ll be running a ‘guess the mileage of the tyre’ competition involving a tyre on this machine.

Up for grabs will be two tickets to a British superbikes 2012 event of the winner’s choice.’s Paul Dutton explained that the competition has been made possible thanks to the great working relationship the bike crash accident claim specialist has with the cafe.

“We have a sponsorship deal with Ace Cafe London, and as a result of this, we feel very privileged that they have loaned us the Ace 675CR Triumph bike, which will certainly help visitors to the Motorcycle News show find our stand,” he said.

In preparation for its’ appearance at the show, the bike has been fitted with a rear tyre from Ace Cafe London Managing Director Mark Wilsmore’s regular bike, a Triumph Speed Triple 1050, which he uses to commute to work every day – and this is the tyre which will be the subject of the competition.

The lucky entrant who gets closest to guessing the tyre’s exact mileage will win’s prestigious Superbikes tickets prize.

Said Paul Dutton: “The Ace Cafe is a legend among bike and car fans, not just across London, but the whole of the UK, and we hope that the Ace bike – along with the friendly welcome we can assure all visitors – will attract lots of people to our stand over this weekend.”

The Ace Cafe London Street Triple Special can be found on stand N320 at the Motorcycle Live show, taking place from 10am to 5pm on Thursday and Friday, February 2 and 3, and between 9am and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, February 4 and 5.

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Come and see the team from at this week’s Motorcycle News show in London, and grab your free SMIDSY card

The keen bikers from motorcycle accident claims specialist are hitting the road again this week, taking a stand at the big Motorcycle News show at London’s ExCeL arena.

“The greatest bike show on earth” will feature the hottest new bikes of 2012, and promises massive savings on all sorts of bike kit and accessories.

But one of the hottest tickets in town will be the dinky SMIDSY cards which the people will be handing out, explaining how bikers can take advantage of free legal expenses cover in the event of them having to make an insurance claim for an accident which wasn’t their fault.

All keen bikers themselves, the people from make up a team of specialist solicitors who every year advise many motorcyclists who have been involved in a non-fault accident.

Paul Dutton from explained that the firm has a stand at all the major bike shows across the UK, and over the past year has handed out thousands of SMIDSY– an acronym for “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you” – cards detailing the services he and his colleagues offer.

This includes understanding and professional handling of all motorbike accident compensation claims, when a rider has been involved in an accident which isn’t their fault.

“We love the excitement of the big shows such as Motorcycle News Live, but we also realise that, away from all the high-revving action, when bikers are out on the road, they encounter risks on the road, day in, day out,” said Paul.

“We want them to know that, if they ever need to make a motorcycle accident claim, we offer them free advice to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

“As bikers ourselves, we get just as much excitement from being at these shows as they do,” he added. “But on their way home, or just while they’re riding around, they could be the victim of an accident which isn’t their fault.

“Besides the physical injuries they might have to deal with, we want to show them that they don’t have to worry about getting advice and recompense for the damage to their bikes and any loss of income that might result.

“All they need to do is enlist our help, and we’ll make sure they know what help they’re entitled to – including the right to appoint a solicitor of their choice to handle their case.”’s ‘smidsy’ card holders know that, if they need to make a claim, their case won’t be sold on to just any other company, but will be handled by experts.

So grab a bit of this little peace of mind by visiting the team on stand N320 at the Motorcycle Live show, taking place from 10am to 5pm on Thursday and Friday, February 2 and 3, and between 9am and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, February 4 and 5.

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More Automotive press releases Reveals Most Drivers Oppose Road Light Switch Off has revealed that the government’s midnight switch-off of lights on UK roads, implemented since 2010, poses safety risks to drivers. As the shortest day of the year approaches, the car insurance expert reveals that 67% of UK motorists strongly oppose the switch off, with 47% of drivers feeling less confident when driving at night*.

Victims of the switch off currently include stretches of the M1, M2, M4, M5, M6, M27 and M54. These stretches of unlit motorway total 47.4 miles of darkness between the hours of 12 midnight and 5am**. According to research, the biggest concerns for drivers are being worried about getting tired (20%) and not being able to see other road users (31%). 60% of drivers also don’t think that road signs are adequately lit at night.

According to research from the Journal of Sleep Research, these concerns are justified. Driving in the dark for just three hours can make drivers drive as badly as when drunk, with performance standards equating to the driver having 0.08% alcohol content in his blood – the national limit. By four and a half hours ‘dark driving’, these levels rise to 0.10%*** – shocking when one in seven people don’t take any breaks during a four-hour journey****.

Although a high proportion of motorists are less confident driving in the dark, the younger generations find a lack of road lighting actually encourages risk-taking, with 27% of drivers under 24 driving faster in the dark, and the same percentage again feeling “more relaxed” to the rules of the road.

Julie Townsend, Campaigns Director of Brake says: “Street lights are an important safety feature on our roads, so it’s not surprising so many drivers are worried about them being switched off. There may be fewer vehicles about at night, but when driving in the dark it’s harder to spot other road users and potential hazards, and you’re more likely to encounter dangers like people drink driving. If we see more crashes as a result of lights going off, it means more families suffering needless deaths and injuries, and it’s a false economy, because these crashes are a huge drain on health and emergency services.”

In a campaign to raise awareness of the risks posed to night drivers, is petitioning for the Highways Agency to reconsider its decision to turn off the lights on some of the UK’s motorways and streets. This petition will be presented on 31st January 2012.

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at says: “Our research shows that drivers find driving in the dark a frightening experience and a reduction in motorway and street lighting exaggerates this. The safety of road users should still remain top priority – the government could even consider alternative measures such as energy saving light bulbs to help keep us safe on the roads this winter.”

To sign the motorway driving petition or to use the alcohol units calculator tool visit

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More Automotive press releases Reveals Most Popular Car Choices For Different Star Signs has unveiled the most popular car choices for the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Aquarians, known for their eccentric streak, are 30% more likely to drive a Peugeot 106 than any other star sign. A Rover 620 is likely to be their second choice, according to research.

Pisces, who are often regarded as alluring individuals, are most likely to be seen in a sporty little number. Research shows that drivers of a Mazda 2 Sport are 31% more likely to be Pisceans, who celebrate their birthday from 20th February to 20th March.

Always in search of adventure, the car of choice for an Aries is a Daewoo Kalos or an Alfa Romeo. Taureans widely regarded as cool, calm and collected individuals, which is reflected in the most popular choice of car the Mazda 2 Tamura.

Geminis, described as curious, thirsty for knowledge and mischievous, are most likely to be seen in a Hyundai 130 Comfort than other star sign. Motorists carrying the Cancer star sign are most likely to drive a Vauxhall to complement their caring and sensitive side.

Regarded as charismatic and fortunate, it is no surprise that Leos are more likely to drive a Land Rover than other star signs. The British classic complements their traits perfectly.

Virgo drivers, described as confident, successful and creative, are more likely to drive a Lexus and Scorpions, who are known to be wise, are 40% more likely thanother star signs to drive a Fiat 500, an economical car.

Vauxhall Corsa is the most popular car choice of the thoughtful and happy-go-lucky Librans. Sagittarians are 30% more likely than average to drive a Subaru Optimistic than other star signs.

Capricorns, are most likely to drive a Volkswagen Beetle, the popular car makes a statement, which contradicts their seemingly quiet nature.

Yasmin Boland of said of the findings: “It’s very interesting to see the research here – there’s no doubt that astrology is a good predictor of so many personality traits, including which car you’re likely to drive,to how many speeding tickets you are likely to get.

“Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are the speedy people. Water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) are the ones who want safety and comfort. Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are the ones who get the parking tickets because they get so caught up in what they’re doing they forget the time, and Earth signs (Taureans, Virgos and Capricorns) signs which portray a cool persona and easy going people, which they personality is reflected in their choice of car.”

Gareth Kloet, Head of car insurance at, added: “A person’s choice of car has always been a topic of discussion and many people make judgments about the car people choose to drive.

“It’s interesting to know that the star sign you are born under can be a trigger to your choices. However, on a serious note, whatever car you choose, road safety is essential. We urge motorists to ensure they are covered adequately with their car insurance and to shop around for the best price.”

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The Waiting’s Nearly Over For The Winner of Superbikes Tickets…

The waiting’s nearly over for the winner of Superbikes tickets in’s massively successful Motorcycle Live show draw.

The lucky winner of tickets to a round of next year’s British Superbikes Championship in a competition held by motorbike accident claims specialist at Motorcycle Live to will be announced next week. managing director Fergus Dalgarno will draw the name of the winner, picked from among those who used their skill to guess the mileage on a rear motorcycle tyre which was a feature of the company’s stand at the NEC show last week.

The entrant whose guess was the closest to the actual figure on each day of the show went forward into the final draw. More than 3,000 entries were made over the show’s nine days, in what’s Paul Dutton said was “possibly the best event we have exhibited at for quite some time.”

He added: “We were really pleased to see the biking public getting right behind our stance of supporting them, by making them aware of their right to appoint their own solicitor in the event of a non-fault accident.”

Several thousand ‘SMIDSY’ cards – based on the acronym ‘Sorry mate I didn’t see you’, from which the company gets its name – were also given away. Paul added: “We were even more taken aback by the incredibly positive reactions we had to these cards, which are designed as a simple way of making bikers aware of how they can best help and protect themselves in the event of an accident that is not their fault.

“It’s just one example of how we at are continually striving to educate the biking community about their rights and entitlements, with such initiatives as our ‘SMIDSY’ cards, which give a quick advice checklist for anyone involved in an accident.”

In the coming months, the team will be hitting the road, visiting bike clubs to give talks about their specially-tailored advice and legal representation services for the biking community.

“If anyone would like us to come along to their club or meeting place, just contact me at,” Paul concluded.

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The Co-Operative Offers Young Drivers A Way To Cut The Cost Of Driving

The average cost of getting onto the road for the first time is now £4,459, according to new research by The Co-operative Insurance.

This includes the total cost of driving lessons, road tax, driving tests and insurance, in addition to buying a first car.

According to data, the average 18-year old owns a Vauxhall Corsa worth £1,450 and will have to pay more than £2,000 for insurance alone. They will also have 20 driving lessons at a cost of £480, sit two driving tests to the tune of £62 each, plus will fork out £111 on a provisional licence, theory test and road tax.

The average cost of becoming a motorist, according to The Co-operative Insurance Item Cost*
First car £1,450
Insurance £2,294
Provisional licence £50
Driving lessons £480
Driving test(s) £124
Theory test £31
Road tax £30

However, despite the high costs of getting on the road, the research also shows today’s new motorists buy their first car younger than ever, with the average person now owning their first set of wheels at just 18 years old, which is four years before their parents’ generation did at age 22.**

And while more than three quarters of those aged over 45 (77%) bought their first car themselves, the same can’t be said for their offspring, with the majority (53%) of 17 to 25 year olds now relying on their parents or relatives to cough up the cash.

Grant Mitchell, Head of Motor Insurance at The Co-operative Insurance, said: “Our research shows that although today’s young drivers own their first car from an earlier age than their parent’s generation, the cost of actually getting on the road is huge.

“Of course, not many 18 year olds have thousands of pounds in savings, so increasingly they are relying on the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ to pay for the initial cost of driving.

“Unfortunately, the biggest challenge is the cost of car insurance which has risen at a disproportionate rate for young drivers because they are involved in more accidents on the roads.”

The research also revealed that the cost of insurance is one of the main reasons why people don’t buy a car, with 30% citing it as the reason they remain without their own set of wheels.

The survey of 3000 road users was carried out to mark the launch of The Co-operative Insurance’s Facebook page, which is offering young drivers the chance to win a year’s free ‘Young Driver’ insurance.

The Co-operative Insurance has a specific Young Driver product, aimed at helping drivers between the age of 17 and 24 to reduce their insurance premiums through responsible driving. While The Co-operative Magazine offers safe driving tips, and moneysaving tips for teens to help with budgeting and for those thinking of buying a new car.

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The Co-operative Is First Insurer To Reward Safe Young Drivers With Cash Back

• 88% of young motorists will receive an average £102 in cash-back

• This is on top of an average £505 saving on premiums for majority of drivers*

Nearly 90% of motorists with The Co-operative’s Young Driver insurance will see over£100 returned to their bank accounts this month, after proving themselves as safe drivers.

The cash-back is a reward to motorists who have kept to speed limits, avoided excessive harsh braking and acceleration and taken corners carefully since the Young Driver scheme was launched in March.

The insurance product uses ‘Smartbox’ telematics technology to monitor how a car is driven and ‘scores’ behaviours every 90 days. If motorists make the top scores in all four categories (speeding, cornering, braking and acceleration, time of day of driving), they are given a partial refund on their initial premium.**

David Neave, Director of General Insurance at The Co-operative, said: “Insurance has been rising at a disproportionate rate for young drivers, but telematics offers a genuine solution to stop this trend and prevent a generation of young people being driven off the roads.

“We believe that other insurers need to now play their part in finding similar solutions so that as an industry we can offer fairer prices to all young drivers in the UK.

“More than that, we can see that our ‘carrot’ rather than ‘stick’ approach of rewarding motorists for driving responsibly is leading to better driving behaviours. Our scheme is only in its infancy, but if it was taken up on a larger scale it could be a major step forward in improving the safety on Britain’s roads.”

Which? also believes that telematics car insurance policies have great potential to enable young drivers to get on the road and under their own insurance. Dan Moore, Senior Researcher at Which?, said: “Car insurance is very expensive and systems such as the Co-operative Young Driver scheme should help ensure that a new generation of drivers will have access to more affordable cover, and be rewarded for safe driving.”

As well as rewarding safe drivers, motorists who drive consistently badly, for example repeatedly breaking speed limits or taking corners too sharply, will see penalties applied to their premiums up to 20% of their initial policy price. The Co-operative Insurance will also cancel a customer’s insurance policy if they drive at a speed which would result in a driving ban.***

Julie Townsend, Campaigns Director at road safety charity Brake, said: “A huge proportion of deaths and serious injuries on our roads involve young drivers, and many of the victims are young people themselves – road crashes are the biggest killer of this age group. Persuading young drivers to make safer choices is vital in preventing more lives being needlessly cut short.

“We applaud this scheme for rewarding young drivers who stay within the law and drive responsibly, such as by slowing down to give themselves more time to react to hazards.

“This is an innovative and practical way to help young people protect themselves and others. We hope it will help to pave the way to a safer driving culture among young people, and fewer devastating deaths and injuries on our roads.”

The data collected from a sample of 1,300 young drivers shows that nearly four in five (78%) consistently drive within speed limits. It also shows that 40% of males and 41% of females achieved the top score in all categories.

Young drivers are eligible for a maximum annual discount of 11% of the initial premium paid. Based on the driving behaviours shown in the first 90 days, the average discount being rewarded is 8.5% of the initial cost.

The average premium paid by customers with Young Driver insurance is £1,727 before discounts are applied, compared to the average premium of £2,294.****

* Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during June 2011, 51% of under 25s could achieve this saving on their initial premium. Their premium could go up as well as down dependent on their driving score throughout the year. As a result their annual saving could be less than their initial saving.
** Annual refunds are up to 11% of the initial premium paid. The annual discount is applied after the first 90 day period and is adjusted if changes in driving behaviour occur. If premiums are paid annually, a lump sum will be rewarded and if premiums are paid monthly, the direct debit will be adjusted to reflect the saving
*** Only three policies have been cancelled since March 2011
**** £2,294 average premium for 17 – 22 year olds sourced from AA British Insurance Premiums Index, 28 July 2011

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100 MPG+ During Your Commute When You Switch To a Motorcycle

Budget conscious motorists could be missing one of the biggest savings available on daily travel – Motorcycles! Did you know that small motorbikes and scooters can achieve well over 100 miles per gallon? How does that compare with your car?

Look around during your commute and you will notice that most cars have one occupant. That is a lot of spare space and metal to drag around and means they are simply burning money as fuel.

Learning to ride is not as difficult as you might think either; a one-day CBT test is all that is required for smaller motorcycles and scooters. Even if you can’t see yourself as a motorcyclist, then you will still gain vital road knowledge from the perspective of people on two wheels.

Switching from a medium sized car to a 125cc motorbike will net you savings on fuel, tax and insurance and in many cases will cover the cost of a brand new motorbike in the first year.

Combine all of the monetary advantages with the fact that motorcycles are great fun and can cut right through the traffic and they offer a solution to modern traffic problems that cannot be ignored. gives people looking to take their first steps in to the world of motorcycling all the information required from the moment they learn to ride a motorbike right through to taking the CBT or bike test.

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