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Finance Firm’s Fun-Day Raises Smiles And Charity Cash

Soap suds and sponge-cakes both featured at a charity fun-day held this summer at the headquarters of Chester-based motor finance group The Funding Corporation (TFC).

Organised by ACF Car Finance, the car retail subsidiary of TFC, the event offered the chance for staff to pay to have their cars hand-washed by the company’s bosses, including TFC Managing Director David Challinor.

And for those who liked sponge-cakes as much as seeing their supervisors sweat, a cake-sale did a roaring trade in swelling both tummies and charity coffers.

Other activities included a luxury raffle with prizes donated by the company’s suppliers and local businesses, and a ‘guess the number of jelly beans’ competition.

In total, the day raised more than £500 for BEN, the automotive trades charity.

All 160 staff at ACF Car Finance’s head office were given the opportunity to join in the fun, and representatives from BEN were present to describe its work and the payroll giving scheme.

Helping to mastermind the event was the company’s Marketing Manager Jane Whittle who is possibly one of BEN’s most extreme fundraisers.

In the past she has leapt from a plane flying at 14,000 feet on a tandem sky-dive, and earlier this year plunged 750-feet on a zip-wire from the top of Manchester’s Imperial War Museum.

But although this latest fundraising initiative had its feet firmly on the ground, Jane believes it will have done a great job in helping to raise the charity’s profile among staff:

“All the funds raised will go towards the total which will be collected in October this year when two of our employees drive to Maranello in Northern Italy as part of the annual Bangers4BEN event.

“Participants must spend no more than five hundred pounds on an old car to make the journey, and we have bought an old Volvo which is currently undergoing a transformation to become the famous Ghostbusters Ectomobile.

“This event will help get our team’s fundraising off to a really flying start,” said Jane.

ACF Car Finance specialises in helping car buyers with damaged credit records and has been a keen supporter of BEN for many years.

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More Used Car Buyers Make A White Turn

White cars are in the fashion fast-lane among second-hand buyers, according to a major used car retailer which has just completed an analysis of shifting colour preferences.

But although sales of white cars increased seven-fold in the six months to spring 2011, says ACF Car Finance Limited, the new chic shade still has a lot of catching up to do.

Less than one percent of sales in the period were white, compared with the evergreen favourite shades of silver (25 percent of sales), blue (25 percent) and black (21 percent).

However, the top trio of colours did fade slightly in popularity in ACF Car Finance’s most recent survey, and recorded an average of 10 percent fewer sales.

Colours gaining ground, in addition to white, include beige, gold and orange.

In the view of Leyton Cooper, Divisional Group Buying Manager, used car sales provide a more accurate measure of changing tastes than colour preferences reported by motor manufactures.

“A new car showroom which places its orders long in advance is often not in a position to suddenly bring in additional quantities of a colour which is coming into vogue,” he said.

“But used car retailers can respond more quickly if, like ACF Car Finance, they are buying from multiple sources around the country on a daily basis,” added Leyton.

He thinks that the new trend towards white could be a follow-through from the “Apple Effect” following the introduction of pristine white iPods and iPads by the computer company.

Although colour trends come and go, Leyton says, white may yet prove to have staying power.

“White doesn’t show chips and scratches as readily, and can be more forgiving than darker shades if you haven’t been able to get out with a bucket and sponge for a while,” he says.

“White cars can also be more economical to run because they reflect the sun’s heat, rather than absorbing it as a darker colour does, meaning the air conditioning can be used less during the summer months,” Leyton points out.

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New Car Care Plans Are Designed To Go The Distance

An end to “oversold and under-performing” car protection plans has been signalled by major national used car retailer ACF Car Finance Limited.

The company has announced two new products, both developed in conjunction with RAC Warranty.

They are a new maintenance and breakdown warranty, and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) cover, both giving comprehensive protection which won’t run out of road if a claim is made.

At just £175.00 each, says ACF Car Finance, the products are extremely competitively priced.

The warranty covers vehicles up to ten years old and with up to 100,000 miles on the clock, and is based on RAC Warranty’s top “platinum” level of cover with RAC membership.

It includes the cost of replacing virtually any mechanical or electrical component which fails, even extending to the air-conditioning and turbocharger where fitted.

The GAP cover, in the event of a write-off, will pay the difference between the settlement figure from the car finance provider, and the amount covered by the owner’s private motor insurance.

But unlike most GAP products – also known as financial shortfall cover – it also protects other specified “extras” bought at the time of the car’s purchase, such as a paint protection system, and the car’s warranty.

According to Richard Cox, Head of Motor Operations at The Funding Corporation of which ACF Car Finance is a part, the bar has now been raised for all retailers of second-hand vehicles:

“We have closely examined the shortfalls which are most often highlighted by consumers with regard to warranties and GAP cover, and have worked with RAC Warranty to address the issues which cause the greatest dissatisfaction among purchasers,” said Richard.

The keen pricing, he states, points to the company’s wish to help customers “future-proof” their purchases, and says that showroom staff are not being strongly incentivised to sell the plans.

Richard also emphasises that a one-off initial payment by the car buyer covers the cost of the products in full, and that the amounts are not bundled up in the car loan.

Helping ACF Car Finance to develop its new products was Ian Simpson, Sales and Marketing Director of The Warranty Group which works in conjunction with RAC Warranty:

“The principles of fairness apply to every aspect of our warranties and GAP cover, and customer trust in our products has helped The Warranty Group become a world-class provider.

“We’re delighted that ACF Car Finance has partnered with us to give the best possible protection to their car buyers, and to provide them with long-term peace of mind,” said Ian.

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Dealer Turns Red Light To Green For Declined Car Buyers

Customers who aren’t accepted for car finance at point-of-sale can still act as goodwill ambassadors for the car dealer forced to turn them away.

That’s the view of ACF Car Finance Limited which has just launched a new guide to its introducer programme, providing information for used car retailers and finance intermediaries who increasingly have to disappoint would-be buyers.

Ever-tightening criteria by mainstream car finance providers, says the company, means that more and more customers are being declined.

But by referring their declines to a specialist non-prime motor retailer, says ACF Car Finance, dealers can at least hold out the hope of a successful resolution to the customer’s car quest.

And a happy ending will ensure not just goodwill, but also a prompt commission payout which currently averages £300 per sale.

Rhian Roberts, Business Development Manager of ACF Car Finance, says that the company’s growing number of referrers range from small independent dealers to major car retail groups.

Each is provided with full product and systems training, plus the services of a Business Development Manager who gives guidance and support to help clients operate the referral programme and their own marketing activities.

ACF Car Finance owns a national network of car dealerships which supplies vehicles directly to customers who may have had difficulty in acquiring finance elsewhere.

Its parent company, The Funding Corporation, was this year named as the UK’s most responsible lender when it won the category accolade in the Credit Today 2011 Awards.

According to Rhian, that obligation of responsibility is extended not just to consumers, but also to the partners with whom the company works:

“When we recently canvassed feedback from the dealers and finance firms who refer to us, the most common theme was the confidence they had in their relationship with us.

“We have an independent department dedicated to businesses which introduce us, and provide regular reports on the progress of each customer’s application through to sale.

“They also have the assurance that all of our sales personnel are fully trained and SAF (Specialist Automotive Finance) accredited in providing explanations to customers about the technicalities of motor finance.

“These days, earning a good salary is no barrier to someone being classified as high risk – but by teaming with us, dealers can at least point in the direction of a possible solution,” said Rhian.

Some of the comments provided by the company’s partners are contained in the newly published introducer document from ACF Car Finance.

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More Brits Going Topless, Car Retailer Reports

Sales of open-top cars are currently running at double those of last year’s volumes, according to a major national used car retailer.*

ACF Car Finance Limited says the recent spell of warm weather is tempting record numbers of motorists to put their faith in a long, dry and sunny summer.

But the passion for topless models isn’t being led by younger image-conscious male drivers, says the company’s Group Buying Manager Leyton Cooper.

The majority of customers for convertibles, he reports, fall within the 30-45 year old age band, and comprise a higher percentage of women than those who buy conventional fixed-roof cars.

“Early summer is always a prime time for open-top sales and right now we’re constantly replenishing stock to keep abreast of demand,” said Leyton.

“Popular makes include the Peugeot 207cc and Vauxhall Astra TwinTop – and those offering the best back seat space are most sought after, suggesting that many are being bought for family use.

“The days when a soft top meant putting up with draughts and leaks have long gone,” he added. “Modern convertibles are as snug as fixed-tops when you don’t want the breeze in your hair”.

More information about the company can be found at www.ACFCarFinance.co.uk.

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MOT Changes Will Drive Up Repair Bills, Claim

People who buy cars from the small ads are likely to be hit with big bills if proposed changes to the current MOT testing schedule go ahead, a national used car retailer has predicted.

Private car buyers, says ACF Car Finance Limited, would stand a greater chance of inheriting costly mechanical faults which until now have been remedied by the car’s previous owner.

This, it believes, will be the consequence of delaying a car’s first MOT from year three to year four, and afterwards testing it only every two years instead of annually.

ACF Car Finance, which operates a network of car showrooms across the UK, says that reputable dealers will continue as they do at present to inspect cars thoroughly before sale.

Any mechanical faults or safety issues will be remedied at this stage – but buyers of cars from private sellers could find themselves landed with unexpected repair bills they can ill afford.

Such a prospect has been overlooked by MPs who are currently debating possible MOT changes, believes Mark Jones, Divisional Manager of Operations and Logistics at ACF Car Finance:

“Issues identified at the MOT are the responsibility of the car’s owner – but if no recent test has highlighted these and the car is sold, the problem is simply passed down the line,” said Mark.

“People who buy privately often do so because they believe they can save on showroom prices – but under this proposed new regime, such a decision could exact a severe financial penalty.

“The cost of a repair could be substantially higher than would have been the case had it been picked up earlier and put right by the previous owner,” he added.

Mark, who sends thousands of vehicles each year for MOT testing, says it’s a myth that modern cars are now much less likely to develop faults than in the 1960s when MOTs were introduced:

“ACF Car Finance has very strict buying policies and a team of experienced buyers, but we still MOT test every car before re-sale, including those less than three years old.

“It’s a fact that almost half require some degree of repair work, the majority of which is safety related.

“To put it simply, there is much more which can go wrong on modern cars, and the worsening condition of our roads, especially potholes, is also a major cause of vehicle damage.

“Lengthening the time between inspections of a car is going to mean that problems are overlooked, and then passed on by the private seller as an expensive legacy to the next owner.

“We are lobbying strongly for a drastic re-think of these proposals – but if they do go ahead, people should know that buying a car from the small ads could be a big mistake,” said Mark.

ACF Car Finance specialises in supplying vehicles to the growing number of people who find that even minor blemishes on their credit records are affecting their ability to borrow or get car credit.

More information about the company can be found at www.ACFCarFinance.co.uk.

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Chester Finance Team Scoop “Best in Britain” Title

A Chester-based finance group has been crowned as Britain’s most responsible lender, beating major High Street names such as Barclays Bank and the Co-operative Bank to the title.

The Funding Corporation on Chester Business Park was revealed as the overall winner of the accolade at the Credit Today Awards in London last Thursday (12 May).

In front of a thousand-plus guests at Grosvenor House in Park Lane, company managing director David Challinor stepped up to receive the award from celebrity host and comedian Lee Hurst.

The prestigious title of Responsible Lender of the Year is one of the most keenly fought-over titles at the UK credit industry’s annual awards ceremony.

Bringing the accolade back to Chester for 2011 was a major achievement, said David:

“Every aspect of our work was put under the microscope by the judging panel, and we had to demonstrate how we enact responsible lending policies which safeguard consumers.

“A major part of this is the service provided to customers by our staff, ensuring that borrowers are given full explanations about our loans, and providing help and support at every stage of the customer journey.

“Thanks to their diligence and professionalism, and our whole culture of treating customers fairly, we were able to show how we put the principles of responsible lending into practice.

“It might sound a bit like an Oscar ceremony speech, but this award really is for every single member of our staff!”

The Funding Corporation specialises in providing motor finance for the growing number of people with impaired credit records who need loans to buy a car.

The company works closely with its group member ACF Car Finance Limited which is also based in Chester and operates a network of retail car showrooms across the UK.

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Accelerating Car Retailer Makes Extra Room at the Top

Two new senior roles have been created by ACF Car Finance Limited to help manage the company’s continuing success story.

Divisional Sales Managers for both the north and the south of ACF Car Finance’s network of vehicle showrooms will now be responsible for driving forward further expansion.

The posts have been filled by managers previously in charge of regional showrooms.

Peter Lloyd (52) of the company’s Maidstone showroom now becomes Divisional Sales Manager of ACF Car Finance’s dealerships in southern England.

Meanwhile, John Parks (27) who was previously in charge of the West Midlands showroom becomes Divisional Sales Manager for the company’s northern dealerships.

Both men bring to their roles a wide experience within ACF Car Finance of developing and expanding their respective showroom operations.

The company says it is currently recording profits substantially higher than in any previous years – and is forecasting continued long-term growth.

ACF Car Finance is the UK’s largest company specialising in providing vehicles and arranging car loans for people with impaired credit records.

According to the company’s Sales and Marketing Director, Norman Beaumont, the current economic climate is well suited to fostering further growth:

“The number of people unable to obtain finance from mainstream lenders is growing all the time, and is increasingly affecting those in the upper salary brackets,” said Mr Beaumont.

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Cheshire Business Students Make Tracks In Motor Industry

West Cheshire College students demonstrated their business sense after participating in a challenge set by local firm ACF Car Finance Limited.

The market leading specialist used car dealer, welcomed Level 2 Business Diploma students to the company’s headquarters for this year’s ‘Outstanding Business Student Award’ presentations.

As part of the Business Diploma course, the college worked closely with ACF Car Finance to create a bespoke business project, following on from the success of last year’s competition.

The students were asked to present detailed proposals for the development of a hypothetical ACF Car Finance used car dealership in the Chester area, offering one lucky group the chance to win a £500 prize, paid in computer vouchers.

Three groups of students, aged 16 to 18, pitched their business proposals to a panel of senior business executives, which included Managing Director of The Funding Corporation David Challinor; ACF Car Finance Head of Motor Operations Mark Jones and Nicola Sharpe, Assistant Manager of West Cheshire College.

The judging panel was looking for presentations that were thoroughly researched and demonstrated creative ideas which could easily translate to a real business environment. Presentations included advertising campaigns and budget reports for the dealership and each group held a question and answers session at the end of their pitch, allowing judges to dissect their business ideas.

The winning team included talented students; Susan Black, Daniel Dunning, Milon Miah and Robynne Simpson, who were chosen as a result of their well-researched proposals and strong presentational skills. The group impressed judges with their detailed cost analysis and their recommendation that the ACF Car Finance dealerships, along with other motor trade organisations, should seek to employ more female sales executives to encourage female buyers, breaking down perceptions that dealerships can be very male-dominated environments.

David Challinor said: “This scheme was created to provide local business students with practical support and allow us to share our knowledge of the industry with these budding entrepreneurs.”

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Motor Employees Slide To Success For Charity

Brave employees of specialist motor dealer ACF Car Finance Limited will slide to success next month as the team takes part in a charity zip-wire challenge.

A group of 10 employees from the company have signed up for The Springtime Sweethearts Charity Zip Wire Challenge which will take place on Sunday 20 February. The charity event will see challengers tackle the 250m zip wire off the Imperial War Museum North.

The motor finance team has pledged to raise more than £1,500 in personal sponsorship which will be divided between event organisers The Stroke Association and the motor industry charity, BEN.

With match-funding from their employers, the team expects to donate at least £3,000 to be divided between the two charities.

ACF Car Finance has been a keen supporter of BEN, the Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund, with staff previously taking part in a number of fundraising activities including a sponsored sky dive and the Manchester 10k run.

“To be taking part in the charity zip slide in aid of these two fantastic charities is an honour for the whole team and we are all excited for the big day,” said Jane Whittle, ACF Car Finance Marketing Manager, who will also tackle dizzy heights for the challenge.

Jane added: “BEN provides support and advice to the people who work in our industry. We fully appreciate the tireless work they do. We are pleased to also be able to donate money to support the vital research provided by The Stroke Association.”

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the ACF Car Finance fundraising page:www.virginmoneygiving.com/acfcarfinanceteam.

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How To Make Your Most Telling Test Drive Ever

Trying out a used car? Even The Stig might learn something from these top test-drive tips supplied by car buying experts at ACF Car Finance, says the company’s divisional manger of operations, Mark Jones.

Looking just a little bit sheepish, Chris shuffled up to the ACF Car Finance sales executive in our Leeds showroom. “Look, I’m sorry about this, but would you mind if I had another run out in that Vauxhall I test drove yesterday?” he asked. Our man was delighted to oblige, but wondered if there was something about the car which had worried him.

“No, not at all,” said Chris. “But when I was describing it to my mates last night, one asked if it had a trip computer and another wondered whether the brakes were ABS. I hadn’t noticed, and neither had I checked the legroom in the back, or even tried reverse gear,” he admitted.

It’s so easy to completely forget about the details when you take a test drive, and just to focus on what the car feels like and whether there are any odd rattles or tell-tale whines. Of course, getting out on the road is a great improvement on just kicking the tyres, but why not take a few tips from those in the trade about how to get the most out of your time behind the wheel?

These suggestions come direct from our expert car buying team at ACF Car Finance who spend literally millions of pounds each year on vehicles for our showrooms. Needless to say, they only buy in line with our strict criteria, but at the end of the day it’s your opinion as a customer which matters most.

Here’s their top ten pointers for ensuring that you return from your test drive a lot wiser:

+ Don’t just take a spin around the block. Try and include a variety of roads and traffic conditions to judge how the car handles in different situations, from a straight A road to a crawl through the town centre with plenty of stops and starts.

+ Make a mental list of what aspects of the car’s performance you need to be assured about, including the efficiency of the brakes, how the steering feels, the ease of changing gear, and the acceleration both from a standing start and while on the move.

+ Ensure your seat is properly adjusted before you set off as this will help you to judge the legroom and all-round comfort of the car as you motor along. How does it feel compared with your current vehicle?

+ And it might not be just you who needs to be satisfied about comfort. If your children or partner will regularly be in the car with you, it might be an idea to take them along for the ride and to hear any doubts just once rather than on every journey afterwards.

+ Talking of children, make sure you bring along to the test drive any child seats you intent to use. Not all seats will fit easily in all cars.

+ What about the noise level? It can be difficult to judge this in isolation, so try listening to the radio or chatting with someone else in the car to ascertain its relative volume.

+ Look around as you drive, and assess the visibility. Any blind spots, or door pillars partially obstructing your vision? These factors needn’t be deal breakers, but like the other aspects in this list, it’s best to be aware of them before you sign on the dotted line.

+ A clear view of your instruments is also important, so check that out – and whether the car’s controls and switches are easy to reach and operate.

+ Storage space can vary greatly, even between similar size models of car. Is there enough room for shopping, or any sports equipment or other gear you carry regularly? Does it make any difference if the boot’s sill is higher than that on your present car?

+ Finally, when driving the car do resist the temptation to play with the accessories. You can test the heating, air-con, stereo, and all those other buttons when the vehicle has stopped. Concentrate on your mental checklist of performance, comfort and safety factors.

If you follow these test-drive tips, I can guarantee that you will confidently step out of the car with a pretty good idea of whether the vehicle is right for you. But like Chris at the start of this article, it’s still possible to walk away and realise only later that there were a few details you forgot to ascertain.

That’s why I suggest you also just jot down in advance the points you’ll want to be assured about – for example, whether your golf clubs will fit in the boot – and the inventory of equipment, such as whether it’s a standard or space-saving tyre.

Don’t hesitate either to draw on the expertise of the showroom adviser. Members of the ACF Car Finance team, for example, are extremely knowledgeable about the vehicles they supply, and will gladly talk you through any points you wish to discuss. Whatever questions you have, now is the time to fire away.

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Let’s Slam The Brakes On Runaway MPG Costs

Shocked by just how much of your hard-earned cash now flows straight into your car’s fuel tank? Leyton Cooper, Group Buying Manager for ACF Car Finance, offers some calming suggestions for keeping more of your petrol money in your pocket.

I’ve always liked the one about the man who decided to try some of those fuel-saving additives which promise a whole range of extra miles-per-gallon figures. He emptied the lot into his car. “What happened?” said his friend. “I got two miles down the road and the tank overflowed!” he explained.

Yes, I’m afraid there are a few snake-oil products out there which probably owe more to wishful thinking than to actual science. But don’t let that put you off your search for squeezing additional precious MPGs from your petrol or diesel car, and saving possibly hundreds of pounds each year.

It can be done if you follow a few tips which even the most experienced motorist might be unaware of. In fact, it’s often people who have been driving the longest who have fallen into the worst driving habits as far as fuel economy is concerned.

Take, for example, that chap in the Rover pulling away painfully slowly from the traffic lights. He probably imagines that irritating everyone behind is a price well worth paying for all that petrol he’ll be saving by keeping a light foot on the accelerator pedal. But he’s wrong.

Going up normally through the gears is by far the most fuel-efficient way to drive. Why? Simply because you will reach your desired speed more quickly, and be in the highest and most economical gear sooner than a petrol-sapping crawl.

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Business Students Behind The Scenes At Finance House

Chester-based car finance group, The Funding Corporation, opened its doors to West Cheshire College students as part of the launch of the annual ‘Outstanding Business Student Award Scheme’.

ACF Car Finance Limited, part of The Funding Corporation group of companies, has once again teamed up with West Cheshire College to develop a specific project for the Business Diploma students, to help encourage and support young talent across the region.

The students, who have been studying ACF Car Finance’s business model as part of their course, were given the rare opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters at the Chester Business Park for a ‘hands on’ day of learning.

The Funding Corporation Managing Director David Challinor welcomed the group, while other senior managers gave the future business entrepreneurs an overview of the company’s structure as well as a quiz to test their skills. The day also included an insight into the company’s new Vision and Values, unveiled in October.

The students were given the unique opportunity to ask the ACF Car Finance management team questions on the running of such a successful operation and were able to discuss the company in the context of their course syllabus.

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It’s A First For The SMMT As Its Newest Member Is Announced

ACF Car Finance Limited has further strengthened its position as the UK’s leading sub-prime car dealer by becoming the first and only specialist business of its kind to join The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

“As a company we’re all about improving the perceptions of the sub-prime market by raising awareness and standards. It’s no hidden secret that the proportion of UK consumers in the market for non-standard car finance is increasing and these consumers need to know who to turn to when looking to buy their next car,” commented ACF Car Finance Sales and Marketing Director, Norman Beaumont.

“Customers need to know who to trust and where to get accurate, reliable advice and great service. By becoming members of such a high-profile organisation we hope to strengthen our position as the experts in our field and to demonstrate our high level of professionalism.”

As the leading trade association for the UK motor industry, the SMMT is an independent organisation that aims to support and promote the interests of the automotive sector by acting as the voice of the industry.

Beaumont adds: “The SMMT play a vital role in representing the motor industry in the UK and abroad. As a member, ACF Car Finance has access to a wide range of expert services and key industry data, which assist in further enhancing the business proposition. Not only that but we can now play a larger part in influencing the way the industry is shaped.”

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Ben Puts In ‘Peak’ Performance

Local motor trade Sales Executive Ben Andrews has reached for the sky this summer with a strenuous fundraising effort on behalf of Cancer Research UK.

24 year old Ben, who works at the ACF Car Finance dealership in Birmingham, has successfully completed The National Three Peaks Challenge, scaling the three highest mountains in Britain – Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon – in under 24 hours, so far raising nearly £1,500 for charity.

A gruelling training regime including jogging, hiking and gym sessions prepared Ben and his team of four friends as far as possible for the challenge. However, nothing could be done about the heavy traffic in Wales, which delayed them so much they had to sprint down Snowdon with Ben dashing past the finish line after 23 hours and 58 minutes – completing the 24 hour challenge with just two minutes to spare.

Ben, who lives in Moseley, had never done anything like this before and says it took him a week to recover. However, that has not deterred him from planning his next fundraising efforts – the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and the Welsh 3000s – later this year. He says:

“I was hobbling for about a week after completing the Three Peaks Challenge – it was a very intense experience. I’ve had great sponsorship support from my colleagues at ACF Car Finance and I’m now enjoying planning my next fundraising adventure!”

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ACF Car Finance Drives Forward With Promotions

Market leading sub-prime car dealer, ACF Car Finance Limited, has announced four promotions at dealership and head office level to help support the company’s continued development.

ACF Car Finance Drives Forward With Promotions

At ACF Car Finance’s head office Jamie Fay, who began his career in the company’s customer call centre five years ago, has been promoted to the role of Business Support Manager. Andrew Gore is also celebrating a promotion at the ACF Car Finance East Midlands dealership, moving from a Sales Executive role to Sales Manager.

The firm’s flagship dealership, in Willenhall outside Birmingham, has seen a duo of promotions. Peter Walker has been promoted to Sales Manager from Sales Executive level and John Parks, who joined the company as an Apprentice at the age of 16, has worked his way through the ranks to achieve his latest promotion from Sales Manager to Dealer Principal.

To meet the growing demand for its car finance services, ACF Car Finance is currently expanding its team in various business areas. For more information on the roles available, visit the website at www.acfcarfinance.co.uk/careers/ or email the Human Resources Department on hr@acfcarfinance.co.uk.

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Cheshire Business Students Impress Leading Local Firm In Dragon’s Den Style Competition

West Cheshire College students have impressed Chester based ACF Car Finance Limited with their entries to win the newly launched ‘Outstanding Business Student Award’ scheme, created to help encourage and support young talent across the region.

Cheshire Business Students Impress Leading Local Firm In Dragon's Den Style Competition

The UK’s leading specialist sub-prime car dealer, part of The Funding Corporation group of companies, teamed up with tutors at West Cheshire College and developed this specific project for the Business Diploma students, offering them the chance to win a prize while enhancing their career prospects.

The students were set the challenge of producing a business presentation on opening a new ACF Car Finance showroom in the Chester area, with the winning team receiving£500 worth of computer vouchers.

After being split into groups, the 16 to 18 year-old students had to present their creative ideas to a judging panel at ACF Car Finance’s Head Office on Chester Business Park, including Managing Director of The Funding Corporation David Challinor and Area Manager of Care and Business for West Cheshire College Christine Knight.

The teams all came up with a variety of imaginative ideas and were evaluated on the creativity of their presentations, the background research and the business suggestions made. Some students produced radio adverts and made model plans of the new ‘showroom’.

The members of the winning team were Leonna Chatterton, Harriet Fitzpatrick, Iqbal Hussain and Rachel Siddal who were chosen due to their well-researched pitch, strong presentational skills and varied creative ideas.

Their presentation included market research that they had undertaken at the College on the types of cars that customers around Cheshire look for as well as a well thought out financial analysis. They also gave a lot of thought to the promotion of their showroom, which they suggested should be located on Sealand Road, including a mock-up of a print and radio advert and suggested a launch open day to be attended by the Lord Mayor.

West Chester College Area Manager of Care and Business Tutor Christine Knight said,“This scheme has been a challenging and exciting opportunity for our students and we have all been impressed by the enthusiasm that they have all brought to the project.

“Taking part in the competition has demonstrated the commitment and talent of these students as future entrepreneurs. It was a tight competition but some students clearly stood out as potential Alan Sugars! We’re delighted that ACF Car Finance has offered this level of support for the business students of Chester.”

ACF Car Finance specialises in providing a wide range of quality used cars and arranging used car finance for customers throughout the region and across the UK, with cars starting form as little as £25 per week. The company has run a similar competition in Birmingham and plans similar projects with colleges across the country, in partnership with its other branches in Leeds, Manchester, East Midlands, Bristol, Dunstable, Isleworth and Maidstone.

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Bath Father Of Two Takes First Place In Nationwide Competition

One lucky customer at ACF Car Finance Limited in Bristol has driven away with more than they bargained for after winning first prize in a New Year competition held across the UK.

Steven Herridge, of Bath, entered the free customer prize draw organised by ACF Car Finance, which gave every customer who purchased a car from one of its eight showrooms nationwide between 29th and 31st December 2009 a chance to win a fantastic cash amount.

After purchasing his new Peugeot 107 at the branch based on the Avonbridge Trading Estate, Steven took first place and was awarded the £1000 prize amount.

Father of two, Steven said: ”Winning the £1000 first prize has been a great start to the New year for me and my family. I’ve been very pleased with the service from ACF Car Finance already and am delighted with the car.”

Lorry driver Steven intends to spend the money on a family holiday to Florida, a destination they have enjoyed visiting in past years.

Mark Moore, the Bristol branch manager said: “This is great news for Steven and the branch. The competition has been a great way of giving our customers an extra bonus for choosing ACF Car Finance.

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Enfield Customer Gears Up For 2010 With Cash Win!

One lucky customer of ACF Car Finance Limited in Dunstable is gearing up for a great 2010 after winning one of two large cash prizes following a nationwide competition.

Enfield Customer Gears Up For 2010 With Cash Win!

Wayne Hedges, of Enfield, entered the free customer prize draw organised by ACF Car Finance which gave every customer who purchased a car f r o m one of its eight nationwide showrooms, between 29 and 31 December 2009, the chance to win one of two cash sums.

Wayne was the lucky runner-up, winning the £500 prize, after driving away in his new Peugeot 307 f r o m the ACF Car Finance showroom on London Road (A5).

“I’m really shocked to have won this fantastic cash prize. The timing couldn’t be better. It’s going to come in really useful having just moved into a new flat. I’m looking forward to spending it on a new leather sofa” Wayne commented.

The first prize winner was ACF Car Finance Bristol customer Stephen Herridge, who won £1,000.

Chetan Patel, the recently appointed Branch Manager of ACF Car Finance Dunstable, added: “The prize draw competition was a great incentive. It felt good to be able to give our customers a chance to win a large cash prize and it proved incredibly popular as many people would have liked the cash to help pay off their New Year bills after Christmas.

“It’s fantastic to see such a worthy winner as Wayne who we know will benefit f r o m the money, using it to help settle into his new place.”

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ACF Car Finance Gears Up for 2010

The UK’s leading specialist sub-prime car dealer, ACF Car Finance Limited, has announced several significant branch promotions and appointments to support the business’s continued growth and success.

The market leading company recently reported its highest monthly volume of customer applications and is planning for an even busier New Year by promoting five members of the sales team and appointing one new hire.

The promotions include Peter Lloyd to Branch Manager at the car finance company’s number one performing branch at Maidstone, with Chetan Patel replacing Peter as Branch Manager at Dunstable after many very successful years as the Sales Manager there. Nick Merchant, Doug Browne and John Lloyd have been promoted to Sales Manager at the Dunstable, Maidstone and Isleworth sites respectively, following continued success within the company at Sales Executive level.

To further supplement this, the business is delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Edmonds as Branch Manager at Isleworth. Simon brings with him years of sub-prime motor retail experience both at Sales and Branch Management level.

Norman Beaumont, Sales and Marketing Director for ACF Car Finance, commented: “We continue to focus on providing our customers with the very best service possible and that means recruiting and retaining the best people for the job.

“We are particularly proud of our staff achievements this year and want to acknowledge and build upon these for 2010. It will be another exciting year for us and we plan to continue to strengthen our service offering by developing our sales team and maximizing our customer communications both online and in the media.”

To meet this growing demand for its services, ACF Car Finance is currently expanding its team in various business areas. For more information on the roles available, visit the website at www.acfcarfinance.co.uk or email the Human Resources Department on hr@acfcarfinance.co.uk.

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