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UK Tyre Specialist Welcomes Kumho’s Eco-Friendly SUV

Online tyres retailer Blackcircles.com has recently welcomed an announcement from tyre company Kumho about a radical innovation in the “green” cars field: an environmentally friendly sports utility vehicle.

As almost every manufacturer offers 4×4 options, Blackcircles.com has always offered a wide range of 4×4 tyres, including Pirelli Scorpion, the Goodyear Wrangler and the Michelin Diamaris. However, traditionally, 4x4s are considered to be damaging to the environment. Usually you will never hear the terms ‘sports utility vehicle’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ used to talk about the same car, but this vehicle developed by Kumho, which they have named ‘Fortis’, accomplishes this anomaly.

Kumho Tires are currently a huge tyre supplier, producing millions of tyres for SUVs, among other types, every year and exporting them worldwide. The company is based in South Korea, but has factories in China, Vietnam, and most recently in the United States.

Rob Dolton, the car designer behind the Fortis, is in fact the only qualified vehicle designer employed in the tyre industry, and he is based at Kumho’s European Technical Centre in Birmingham. Dalton is using this car to demonstrate Kumho’s new breed of 4×4 tyres, and to show what SUVs of the future could look like.

Fortis is a combination of the brute force of an SUV, and delicate aesthetics inspired by South Korean glass sculpture. It still has a lot modern features: the drivetrain consists of four separate 100hp chassis-mounted motors for each wheel. This allows off-road traction, ESP and hill descent with trouble-free transitions between four wheel drive and two wheel drive, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive.

Mike Welch, MD of BlackCircles.com, said “The vehicle type and the terrain you drive on always dictate the best kind of tyres for you, tyres last longer if they are used for the purpose they were designed. So having tyres that can adapt to their environment is a great innovation! This is definitely a look into the future of tyre design.”

While these tyres are not yet in production, Kumho tyres such as the Kumho 769 and Kumho Ecsta are currently available through BlackCircles.com with some fantastic savings.

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APCO Easycare Celebrates 25 years!

Florida Inspection Associates wishes to congratulate partner EasyCare in reaching a significant milestone: 25 years of success. “We applaud the entire EasyCare team on this milestone. EasyCare shares our dedication to customer service. This passion along with their innovative repair coverage and other benefit programs, has helped dealers and consumers alike enhance the car purchasing process for 25 years. We are proud of all they have done for our industry,” offers Bill Schultz Sr Owner and CEO Industry leader EasyCare provides vehicle service contracts (frequently referred to as “extended warranties”) and value-added programs such as key replacement coverage and dent coverage to consumers through over 2000 dealers nationwide.

“EasyCare’s commitment to providing programs that build long-term customer loyalty makes them a tremendous asset as a partner. We look forward to partnering with them for another 25 years,” shares Bill Schultz.

Florida Inspection Associates has been providing Mechanical Inspections and Appraisals since 1987 to extended Warranty and Insurance Companies nationwide.

About EASYCARE®, an Automobile Protection Corporation brand
Founded in 1984, Automobile Protection Corporation-APCO is the leading independent provider of automotive benefits specifically created to enhance a consumer’s vehicle buying and ownership experience in ways that create long-term bonds between the consumer and their dealership.

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GM And Chrysler Bankruptcies Bring Worries About Warranties and Auto Insurance

With the recently filed bankruptcies of both GM and Chrysler approved, consumers are flooding social media sites, blogs and advice columns with questions about car warranties and auto insurance. According to research conducted by FreeInsuranceAdvice.com, these questions primarily fall into three categories:

• Will car warranties be honored by the manufacturers and dealers?
• Does the bankruptcy filing impact existing auto insurance policies?
• How will outstanding car loans be affected?

Car warranties will be honored
A majority of the postings were related to whether GM and Chrysler car warranties would be honored. According to an interview in USAToday with Steve Harris, General Motors’ vice president of global communications, the answer is yes. In addition to the company’s backing, the government’s Warranty Commitment Plan was announced in March to reassure buyers of General Motors and Chrysler vehicles that warranty claims would be honored during the companies’ restructurings.

Auto insurance policies need to be monitored
Most people have insurance directly through major insurance companies and those policies are not affected by the bankruptcies. The financial services groups of both GM (GMAC Financial Services) and Chrysler (Chrysler Financial) are separate companies with strong financial records, despite their parent companies’ problems. It is expected that they will be affected negatively only to a small degree and for a short period of time as the companies emerge from bankruptcy. However, consumers who do have their insurance carried by these financial service groups should check with their insurance agents to ensure that coverage is adequate and continuous along with getting the best car insurance advice possible.

“Consumers are rightfully nervous but the sky is not falling,” says Michael Crosson, Publisher of FreeInsuranceAdvice.com. “These two major car manufacturers should emerge stronger, leaner and certainly more focused on creating better products. This may even include better and longer warranties and better insurance offerings. At FreeInsuranceAdvice.com, our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information as the market changes.”

Car loans unchanged
Other consumers were concerned about being credited for payments made to the financial services groups of the bankrupt companies. Consumers who have loans should continue to make their payments, according to federal authorities supervising the bankruptcies. However, for these finance companies the future is far from rosy. “Clearly, auto finance delinquencies are increasing,” says Bradley Rubin, automotive sector specialist with BNP Paribas in an interview in TheStreet.com. “We think there will be a significant increase in auto finance delinquencies this year.”

FreeInsuranceAdvice.com is a consumer information service center that provides a wide range of articles and helpful resources on auto, home, health and life insurance advice. The website was launched in March of 2009 and is one of the largest repositories of teen car insurance information available online. The company is headquartered in Gold River, CA.

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Online Tyre Retailer Blackcircles.com Launches Service In The Netherlands

Selecting the right tyres for your vehicle is now easier than ever for Dutch motorists with the launch of Auto Banden Shop – the Dutch trading site for online tyre retailer Blackcircles.com.

By visiting Autobandenshop.com, motorists in The Netherlands can now have access all the major tyre brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop and Continental at the kind of low prices that have already transformed the UK market.

The ability to purchase online and have tyres delivered straight to their home will now make it easier than ever for Dutch motorists to stay safe on the road and choose high quality tyres.

Mike Welch, Managing Director of Blackcircles.com, said: “One of the core guiding principles of Blackcircles.com is that there should be no barriers to tyre safety and we are delighted to be helping Dutch motorists to stay safe on the road.”

“The decision to enter the Dutch market was driven by what we were seeing amongst competitors who are growing on the back of offering customers an inferior deal.”

“Our aim in Holland is to set a new standard for low cost tyres combined with high quality service.”

In the UK, the company’s fast, high quality service has ensured that 40% of its monthly business comes f r o m customer referrals. Blackcircles.com has been able to save customers an average of 40% on their normal purchase of tyres.

Mike Welch is one of the UK’s leading young entrepreneurs having left school at 16 to become a tyre fitter before going on to launch Blackcircles.com in 2001 and take it to turnover of £10 million.


Blackcircles.com was founded by Mike Welch in 2001 and has more than 300,000 customers and sales of £10m. In 2008, Pneus En Ligne was launched in France, offering mail order tyres for the French auto market.

Autobanden Shop in Holland is one of several other European trading sites launched by Blackcircles.com which include Mein Reifen in Germany, Neumaticos-net in Spain, and Pneumatici Tutte in Italy. Blackcircles.com was recently named as one of 20 winners at the 2009 BT Business Essence of the Entrepreneur awards, where Mr Welch also received the Most Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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