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Motorists are Needlessly Wasting Fuel Through Ignorance

Whilst the usual focus of TorqueCars is on car tuning, they spend a lot of time educating drivers, making the roads a safer place and keeping the flow of traffic going.

The forums are full of tips and pointers from seasoned car tuners and enthusiasts from around the world making it a great destination for people looking for sound advice.

TorqueCars note that there are a few common mistakes drivers make that are costing them hundreds each year.

Poor maintenance of the car wastes money. Oil changes are vital and reduce wear and tear on the engine. Good quality oils can also save fuel by effectively reducing the friction in the engine. Low oil levels and using the wrong oil really accelerates engine wear and worn engines are less efficient and will use more fuel.

Additionally when filters get clogged up, air fuel and oil they add restrictions into the engine decreasing efficiency.

Tyre pressures make a big difference to your fuel consumption. Under inflated tyres can adversely affect your handling, in addition to wasting fuel. TorqueCars owner Waynne Smith says, “In the real world simple things like checking tyre pressures, adjusting your driving style and correctly servicing your car can make a massive difference to your motoring expenses and costs.”

Driving style and habits are certainly one of the biggest wastes of resources. Most inexperienced drivers are guilty of at least some of the following fuel wasting habits.

Driving too fast – this can waste around 15% of your fuel or more! Going at 50mph is a lot more fuel efficient than driving at 70mph. Every 5 mph over 70 uses exponentially more fuel.

Braking hard also wastes a lot of momentum. Just easing off the throttle earlier as you approach a stop or junction will also avoid wasting fuel.

There is also another top tip from TorqueCars. Choose the right gear! Contrary to popular belief being in too high OR too low a gear will waste fuel. Your aim should be to keep the car in it’s power band where it is most efficient. Going outside of this will not only waste fuel but will increase the wear and tear on your engine resulting in costly repairs.

In addition to these fuel saving tips there are some tuning modifications you can apply to your car to maximise your fuel. TorqueCars website goes into these in some detail and they range from remaps, internal engine work and modification to the wheels and tyres.

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Avoiding the Perils of Dangerous Car Modifications

TorqueCars http://www.torquecars.com, one of the UK’s leading online car modding communities today launched an awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of poor quality DIY car modifications by inexperienced owners.

We see many modified cars that are downright dangerous or at least going to be unreliable. It seems that lots of car owners with minimal knowledge are making changes to their cars without realising the implications. By highlighting these problems TorqueCars hope to minimise the negative impact created by these low budget, poor quality modified cars, and focus on a professional approach to car modification.

It only takes a few high profile incidents involving poorly modified cars before the clamour is raised for legislation outlawing all modifications or restricting the choice of modifications people can do.

Some young drivers seem to think that the more noise the car makes the faster it goes. Experience proves this to be incorrect and often these large exhausts and noisy induction kits have a negative effect on the cars performance and power.

One particular area of concern is with car electrics. Inexperienced DIYers will often overload circuits or hack into wires for power without making proper provisions for vibrations wear and adequate electrical insulation. These can often short out potentially causing a fire or at least creating a breakdown.

The most common electrical mistake is putting a wire straight through a bulk head without placing a rubber grommet around the wire to shield it from rubbing on the bulk head and wearing through.

A holistic approach to car modification is required where increased power is matched with up rated braking and handling. Dropping a 2.0 Turbo engine into a car which originally had a much smaller engine will offer a dramatic power hike but the brakes and suspension will be unable to handle this causing a potentially dangerous situation.

The main motivation for modifying a car is to maximise the drivers enjoyment of the vehicle. Most modifications merely release the full potential of a car where manufacturers have detuned or restricted the car in some way for economic or reputational reasons.

It is also fair to assume that each driver has their own personal preferences when it comes to a cars power band, handling characteristics and the aesthetic design of their car.

A well modified car should be safer than the standard unmodified one due to the stronger or uprated parts introduced. Braking distances can be dramatically shortened, the risk of skidding on a deceptive bend or corner or losing control should also be lower.

By increasing an engines efficiency there is often an additional saving in fuel consumption. This fact is particularly true when it comes to tuning modern turbo diesel engines.

It’s not just poorly modified cars that present a danger; poorly maintained cars are just as big a risk. According to TorqueCars senior partner Waynne Smith, “if you walk around any public car park you will find many cars will illegal tyres. The tread depth will be below the legal minimum or there will be damage to the sidewall of the tyre. We try hard to promote responsible car ownership to our members and readers of our articles.”

The forums at TorqueCars are a great place to go to discuss your car tuning project in details with experienced car modifiers and enthusiasts from around the world. By garnering as much information as you can you’ll be better placed to avoid the common pitfalls associated with modified cars.

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New High Performance Car Tuning Parts Shop By TorqueCars

TorqueCars have a fine online reputation for giving unbiased and practical advice to the car tuning and car styling community. TorqueCars now announce the exciting launch of a new online car parts shop.

As well as offering big name performance parts the shop offers a wide selection of car styling parts to cover subtle interior modifications to full exterior styling. You will also find a wide range of alloy wheels in the very latest styles and colours.

The aims of the shop are to provide great value performance parts. A wide range of parts is provided and covers the casual car modifier looking to improve his car in subtle ways for road use all the way up to high performance track day parts.

You will find all of the big name brands in the shop and the search facility allows you to see which parts are available for your car. The site also contains feedback and customer ratings on each product which helps the decision making process.

Order fulfillment is provided by POTN, an established online car parts provider, and benefits f r o m their network of contacts and suppliers. 

TorqueCars owner Waynne Smith says “We are very excited by this partnership and it has already been very well received by our car tuning community. It took a long time to find a company who had similar aims and aspirations to ourselves and together we have created, what we hope will be, the ultimate online car parts store.

We never rest and are always looking for new innovative products to offer and ways to improve the shopping experience. The latest development is that we can now ship to most countries around the world although orders have to made via email and paid via pay pal.”

With the release of the latest Fast and Furious film there has been a big increase in interest for tuning cars. The partnership between TorqueCars and POTN certianly couldn’t have been better timed.

“At POTN.COM we are always looking to form partnerships with other businesses that will offer our customers a richer experience. TorqueCars is an excellent example of a business that gives car enthusiasts information and advice which is of a really high standard. It is an absolute pleasure to associate ourselves with them.” – Nick Morton. Managing Director. POTN.COM

It is impressive to see such success in the current economic climate but it goes to show that if you offer a good quality product at the right prices you can easily buck the trend. The credit crunch does not appear to be preventing car enthusiasts f r o m making the most of their cars. In fact it may well be helping as people avoid replacing their car and look for ways to upgrade its performance and handling. To see the full range of products and browse the store go to http://torquecars.potn.com

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Car Enthusiasts The World Are Finding Inventive Ways To Upgrade The Power Of Their Car Cheaply And Without Buying A New Car

With the ever looming prospects of a slowing economy and more company closures it is refreshing to see a new trend emerging.

Car enthusiasts the world over are, according to a study of TorqueCars members, finding inventive ways to upgrade the power of their car cheaply and without buying a new car.

Reasearch and industry stats show that new car sales are down, this is also echoed in the used car markets with many holding on to their cars longer. High powered thirsty cars have been particularly badly hit by depreciation, however there is a way to upgrade your existing car cheaply.

Considering that cars are well made and not subject to the scourge of rust or early mechanical failure, due to superior modern engineering and materials, it should come as no surprise that people are keeping their cars longer.

People still long for more power, better handling and the “new car” feel so are turning to car modification in a bid to create and own something better.

Taking a standard road car and upgrading it is not new but there is an added incentive now that people are starting to cut back their spending. TorqueCars members look to breakers yards and salvage yards to source suitable upgrades for their cars. This is supplemented with parts from the aftermarket manufacturers and results in some very interesting projects.

One member recently took a Honda Civic and sourced a replacement engine from it’s bigger brother a 2.2 litre Prelude. It took a bit of work to get it in but the result is a car which performs much better than the original car. Another member took a Vauxhall Vectra and swapped the engine for a top range 2.0 Turbo model and uprated some other parts making his car even better than a standard Vectra Turbo.

Engine swaps are probably the most significant modifications that can be done cost effectively to a car. Pretty much any other part can be upgraded and it makes sense to improve the braking and handling from a safety point of view.

Another cost effective upgrade path chosen is replacing the stock parts as they wear out with higher performance parts such as brakes and suspension components. Again this creates a car which handles and performs far beyond the original specifications and usually at the same or slightly higher cost than buying OEM parts.

TorqueCars creator and webmaster Waynne Smith tells us, “the forums are busier than ever with people telling us about their projects. It really does seem that people are getting the car tuning bug rather than replacing their cars. It can only be a good thing when people start recycling car parts from breakers yards and rebuilding their cars. The end result is usually much better and a lot cheaper than going out and buying a new car with obvious environmental benefits of zero manufacturing.”

The breakers yards are literally full of performance cars with minor damage and the undamaged parts can be relatively easily used to upgrade standard road cars.

It is most common to take parts from the same model but the top of the range performance model. For example a Fiesta 1.3 could benefit greatly from parts taken from the newer and faster ST. An older Mark 2 Golf can have an engine taken from the newer golf such as the 1.8T and this provides a great tuning base with potentially a 200bhp power uprgrade on offer. The more adventurous, mechanically minded, types are even using parts from other manufactures resulting in some Japanese powered classic VW Golfs.

To quote the members of TorqueCars forum“We modify our cars because we want to create something personal and setup to suit our particular driving style. The manufacturers make too many compromises and cut corners to keep the costs down. By using used parts supplimented with some reconditioning work becomes the cheapest way to upgrade our car.”

It is easy to make mistakes and choose the wrong upgrades, Waynne tells us, “we frequently get asked to investigate and advise on problems from car tuning projects that go wrong. Most of the time simple mistakes are made and cost little to rectify. We have seen engine upgrades where the gearbox was too weak and advised the owner to uprate the gearbox. Cars have been lowered too far and this has been detrimental to the handling and tyre life. It is too often the case that parts are sold on the basis of over optimistic claims or that are unsuitable for the application. We set up TorqueCars to give the car modification community a common sense and unbiased guide to car tuning. It really has taken off far beyond my original expectations.”

For more information on the pros and cons of car modification you should visit www.torquecars.com and read the articles. The forum provides a very friendly and helpful community for tips and specific advice with plenty of inspirational project car reports.

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