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Honesty Not The Policy In Sydney Car Parks

Touch parking is on the rise in Sydney suburbs with nearly 70 per cent of drivers having had their car damaged while it was parked, research by NRMA Insurance has found*.

The insurer’s claims data also shows that the Inner City is the place where you’re most likely to return to your parked vehicle and find it damaged with no note, followed by the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs.

“Our research showed that a note is left by the offending driver in less than nine per cent of cases”, said NRMA Insurance spokesperson Andrew Tubb.

“Sometimes people may not realise they’ve hit another vehicle or maybe they think it’s such a gentle hit they haven’t done any damage”.

“Although a lot of drivers do not own up to hitting a parked car, there are a lot of witnesses to touch parking – two in three people have seen a car connect with another car while trying to park in a tight spot.”

And with increased residents and limited parking spots in many Sydney suburbs, touch parking is likely to be an ongoing issue for NSW drivers.

“We think that at times maybe out of frustration, drivers may try to squeeze their car into a tight spot to rush to their destination”.

“No matter what the reason, if drivers do accidently hit a car while parking, we’re encouraging them to do the right thing and leave a note – you never know when you might be on the receiving end and find your car damaged,” Mr Tubb said.

NRMA Car Insurance offers some tips to try and avoid touch parking:
– If you hit a parked car, do the right thing and leave a note with your details;
– If you witness a collision, pass on any information you have to the innocent party;
– When looking for a parking spot, consider the size of the park and if there is adequate space for your vehicle; and
– If you have a passenger, ask them to get out and guide you into the parking spot.

* Based on a survey of 450 NSW drivers by Pure Profile Research & on NRMA Insurance car claims data for the financial years 2008-2011.

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An Innovative BMW Individual iPad App

Seemingly real paint samples that react to movements of the iPad, leather that you can actually touch as well as see, and individualised image content in many app areas. A new benchmark for innovation, interactivity and customer communication.

BMW Individual, the most exclusive way to drive a BMW, is now available as an interactive experience on the iPad. Thanks to an innovative user interface, this unprecedented virtual product catalogue enables a breathtaking experience of BMW Individual, the BMW premium range.

The app commissioned by BMW M GmbH and developed by Effekt-Etage had a simple aim: to fully exploit the interactive potential offered by the iPad medium in an innovative way, thus creating a new benchmark. The app developed by Effekt-Etage is set to establish a new trend in the category of interactive product magazines.

Its various chapters relate interesting facts about the BMW Individual philosophy, paint finishes, fine leather upholstery and other equipment options. In addition, users can create a virtual vehicle according to their preferences and view the finished result in a Visualiser.

The app is the first to achieve a near-realistic representation of paint finish samples in a virtual environment. In part this is due to Effekt-Etage’s high-quality 3D renderings, which perfectly communicate the BMW Individual paint finishes’ special appeal. In addition, the virtual paint finishes react to movements of the iPad, so the user has the actual impression of moving a real-life paint sample in relation to a light source. This virtual reality effect has also been implemented for the leather samples, allowing the user to leaf through them and touch them.

The interactive capability of this app means that almost every product image can be interacted with, creating a virtual environment that allows users to experience the look and feel of the various equipment details for themselves.

Another outstanding feature is the way the app combines the product information and vehicle configuration processes.

The conventional approach involves the user finding information about products and features such as paint finishes, equipment etc. in a physical catalogue, or on the web. They then begin a separate step of vehicle configuration in a Configurator, beginning with a default vehicle. The BMW Individual app goes one step further by combining these previously separate steps. While reading the various chapters, users are already able to bookmark paintwork finishes, leather colours or other features they like. They can effectively configure their vehicle while gathering information, performing both activities within a single process. As a result, the vehicle initially shown in the Configurator already reflects the user’s individual preferences.

Users can of course save “their” dream car, share it with friends and acquaintances on Facebook, file it in their personal photo album, or send it off in an e-mail.

The BMW Individual iPad app comes in English and German, is optimised for the iPad and iPad2, and is available free of charge in the App Store.

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Biggest Ever Range of Used Cars on Motormart.co.uk This Summer

Dedicated online used car sales exchange Motormart.co.uk has announced that it has enjoyed a bumper summer which has seen it offer more cars than ever before. The site is home to a specialized used car search engine which now offers customers more vehicles to choose from than previously.

Buyers can search for used car direct from the owner or at auction, with Motormart.co.uk able to offer people the widest choice of cheap car sales since launching back in 2004. Consumer can search for and find a car by make and model, maximum and minimum price, fuel and transmission type, mileage and age of vehicle or even geographical distance from their home.

Motormart.co.uk gives people a fully customizable used car search engine, and people who have cars for sale can list their used cars for sale free of charge. Site user registration is simple and people with cars for sale can promote their vehicle to thousands of bidders across the country.

George Thurston, spokesman for Motormart.co.uk, said, “Our service now offers people more cars for sale used and second hand than ever before thanks to the summer we have enjoyed this year. Customers benefit from our service by being offered quality used cars all over the country.”

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Europcar Is Giving Customers A £10 Voucher Towards Their Next Hire If They Bring Their Car Back With More Than A Quarter Of A Tank Of Fuel

The offer applies to customers who bought a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire, taking advantage of just one of Europcar’s car hire deals, including Europcar’s competitive rate per litre, 5p under the average high street pump price.


“Customers have told us they like the option of buying fuel up front as it saves them the hassle of re-fuelling the vehicle at the end of the hire and also means they receive a good rate at a time when fuel costs are rising again”, said Catriona Lougher, Marketing Director of car hire firm Europcar.

“However, there are occasions when the customer has not used as much fuel as they anticipated and this can cause some dissatisfaction. As it would be difficult to calculate the exact reimbursement cost for any fuel left in the car, we have decided to offer a £10 voucher towards their next hire. This is all part of our commitment to make vehicle hire from Europcar accessible, straightforward and cost-effective for our customers.”

This new offer is being announced alongside a host of other activities by the company, including the launch of ‘Hot Summer Tweets’, the new Europcar Twitter campaign to help engage customers during the peak summer months, and a competition to win a 5 star weekend break by signing up to the Europcar newsletter.

Europcar is the European leader in passenger car and van hire. The company serves business and leisure customers throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Europcar is the first company to win the World Travel Award for ‘the World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company’. Today, over 99% of Europcar’s fleet is certified ‘Euro IV’ or above – the most stringent applicable European Union standards today in terms of energy consumption and emissions.

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Purchase the 2009 Nissan Murano at Marlboro Nissan in Massachusetts and pay nothing until 2009!

Marlboro Nissan in Massachusetts is holding one of their biggest sale events of the year. Just in time for holiday shopping, the popular Nissan dealer announced 0% APR as well as no payments until 2009! This is one of the biggest events Massachusetts car shoppers have seen in quite some time.

The bold move by the popular dealer came in part to the reluctance of consumers to believe that valuable finance options are still available despite the credit crunch facing many businesses today. Nissan shoppers can be assured that these deals are for real, but they won’t last long.

Some of the cars offered in the special include the Versa, Sentra, Maxima and Murano. There are more models available which can be seen at the dealer’s website, http://www.marlboronissan.com.

Winter is a great time to get into the family friendly, 2009 Murano. Safety features on this SUV include four wheel ABS, electronic traction control via ABS and engine management, brake assist system, stability control and air bags with occupant sensors and multi-stage deployment. A full list of safety features included in the Murano is available on Marlbobo Nissan’s website.

The 2009 Murano is available for purchase from $25,895 with o% APR. Lease deals for the Murano start at $239 a month for 39 months (Model #07619 • Stock #24365).

For sport car enthusiasts, Marlboro Nissan is offering the Nissan Altima Coupe to purchase for $19,995 with 3.9% APR available (Model #15218 • Stock #24198). Photos of the coupe are available at http://www.usednissancars.net

Marlboro Nissan is a popular Nissan Auto dealer in Massachusetts. Located on Boston Post Road East, the dealer has stood its ground for the past 36 years. Marlboro Nissan serves the greater New England area and is located in Middlesex County Massachusetts. The dealership offers both new and used Nissan cars.

The Marlboro Nissan dealer has a unique motto which resonates among New England car shoppers. That motto is, ‘Changing the way cars are sold’. It’s this motto and business practice that keeps the dealer flourishing, even in tough economic times.

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