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Top UK Staycation Places Revealed by Leading Website Comparecarhire.co.uk

According to leading car hire comparison website Comparecarhire.co.uk, Brits are booking staycations in their thousands for this coming May’s bank holiday weekend. With that in mind the website is advising tourists on the most popular places to stay in the UK ahead of that holiday.

Andy Hemmington, spokesperson for Comparecarhire.co.uk, comments: “We have seen a spike in bookings for UK destinations around the May Day holiday this year, with many more people searching for rentals in places throughout the British Isles.”

“We appreciate only too well that families are watching budgets still, but at the same time they also need a break and a bit of a getaway. Staycationing in the UK is one handy way to make the most of your money, and camping or booking a B&B in Cornwall or Scotland can work out as a decent value trip away.”

The Comparecarhire.co.uk Top 5 UK Staycation Destinations –

1. Cornwall
2. Wales
3. Lake District
4. Scottish Highlands
5. Devon

Available on Comparecarhire.co.uk right now are deals like four days’ car hire from Friday 4th May to Monday 7th May 2012 from £10* per day in Newquay, from £11* per day in Cardiff and from £17* per day in Inverness.

Andy Hemmington went on: “There are clearly going to be many more Brits taking staycations this May bank holiday, rather than travelling away overseas. As such our advice to people is to be organised and book a rental deal well in advance to get the best value and plenty of choice.”

Comparecarhire.co.uk is one of the leading car hire comparison websites in the UK, helping users compare car hire deals from over 40 suppliers in 15,000 locations worldwide. Destinations include the UK, Spain and Portugal, with pick up locations for car hire Faro deals and car hire Tenerife bookings.

To view and compare all the latest deals visit www.comparecarhire.co.uk.

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UK Travellers Should Plan Ahead as Summer Shortages Hit Spain Car Hire – Carrentals.co.uk

UK travellers taking their summer holidays in Spain this year have been warned to plan ahead as news emerged of a rental car stock shortage in Spanish resorts this year.

The advice on planning ahead comes from leading car hire price comparator Carrentals.co.uk, which has advised that there could be up to 18,000 fewer rental cars available in Spain following the news that AurigaCrown has gone out of business. The website warns that the impact of the shortage will see increased hire prices and lower stocks throughout the busy summer months.

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of Carrentals.co.uk, says: “There is a real chance that people heading to Spain this summer will find a shortage of rental cars when they come to book. As such it is vital to book your rental car as soon as possible and as early as possible – since there is every chance the busiest Spanish resorts are going to have lowers stocks, no availability at all or very high prices this summer.”

“We can help Brits out by allowing them to compare car hire from up to 50 of the sector’s leading hire companies. Our service offers people the best chance possible of getting a good value deal from a smaller provider if the bigger providers are sold out this year.”

Hire deals for a week’s rental in Malaga are available from just £17* a day right now, with other deals to be had like £18* a day in Alicante, from £19* a day in Palma and from £21* a day in Ibiza.

Gareth goes on: “Rental suppliers who had their own customers’ reservations in place with AurigaCrown before they went bust have had to transfer those bookings to alternative providers. However, we do also advise any tourists who have got a deal in place already to rent a car in Spain this holiday season to check their paperwork and see who their supplier is. Then you can contact them to check the status and availability of your reservation.”

Carrentals.co.uk compares car hire deals from up to 50 rental companies, including Alamo, Budget, Holiday Autos and Sixt in over 15,000 locations worldwide.

To compare the latest car hire deals visit www.carrentals.co.uk.

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Price comparison website reports Brits booking up rental deals in sunnier climes this February

UK tourists are using the snow weather and cold winter as a chance to get away to sunnier climes for the February half term. The news comes from online car hire price comparison specialist Comparecarhire.co.uk.

The website has seen a spike in bookings for car hire in places such as Portugal, Spain, Greece and Miami, where one year ago people were making bookings for locations in the UK and Switzerland.

Andy Hemmington, spokesperson for Comparecarhire.co.uk, commented: “People definitely seem to be heading away to the sunshine for a warmer weather break this February. With people still working to limited budgets we’re pleased to be able to help them source cheap car hire to make trips more affordable.”

“There are ways to get cheaper car hire deals, and having compared deals online to source the best deals, people should consider pickups in other places like downtown areas to get still better value deals.”

Tourists heading away for some sunshine this half term can find rental deals starting at £3 per day on Comparecarhire.co.uk right now. The site is right now home to deals including a week’s car hire from Malaga Airport from £3* per day, from £4* per day at Faro, from £9* per day in Crete, and from £14* per day at Miami Airport.

Comparecarhire.co.uk is one of the leading car hire comparison websites in the UK, allowing users to compare car hire prices for over 40 suppliers in 15,000 locations worldwide including Spain, Portugal and Greece, with pick up locations for car hire Malagadeals and car hire Murcia bookings.

To check the latest deals visit www.comparecarhire.co.uk.

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Tourists headed for Tuscany able to save big on leading name rental companies thanks to Carrentals.co.uk’s new releases

Carrentals.co.uk, the online price comparator which helps tourists save on car hire deals from more than 50 providers, has this week published new prices to help visitors to Pisa save money. People going to Tuscany for their summer holidays can currently log on and find the best value rental around, with the added convenience of car hire Pisa Airport collections.

Carrentals.co.uk operates an award-winning service which lets people compare deals from famous name providers like Alamo, Auto Europe, Budget, Ebookers, Hertz, Holiday Autos, Opodo, Sixt and Thrifty. The website has over 5 years’ experience in saving people money on car hire, and right now offers Pisa Airport deals starting at only £22 per day*.

Visitors to Tuscany can collect their rental car on arrival in Pisa Airport and head off either to their hotel or to local attractions like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Piazza dei Miracoli. By comparing and pre-booking a car hire Italy choice from Carrentals.co.uk tourists can enjoy the perfect mix of value for money and complete convenience.

Carrentals.co.uk Managing Director, Gareth Robinson, comments, “Saving people money on car hire is why we exist and we are so good at it that we have won awards for our service. A travel budget can disappear pretty fast somewhere like Tuscany so sourcing a value for money car hire deal with collections at Pisa Airport is the smart move.”

Carrentals.co.uk compares car hire deals from more than 50 rental providers, including Alamo, Auto Europe, Budget, Holiday Autos and Sixt, in over 15,000 locations worldwide. To compare the latest car hire deals visit www.carrentals.co.uk.

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Avoid extra insurance payment on hire cars by checking out online information provided by Carrentals.co.uk

Few things frustrate travellers more than paying for things they don’t need. How much insurance to buy for a rental car is one of the most confusing issues out there, but Carrentals.co.uk has written an online guide to help people avoid paying for cover they don’t need.

After polling some of the two million Brits who rent a car during the summer holiday season, Carrentals.co.uk discovered that the most common annoyance was the pressure exerted by rental agents to purchase additional coverage at the time of pick up. Most of the time, extra coverage in unnecessary and can add up to £2,000 to the bill.

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of Carrentals.co.uk, comments: “Having the right amount of coverage on a rental car is important, but most car hire companies try to take advantage of their customers by pushing them to buy extra insurance. It’s an annoying game they play, and sadly often neglects the most frequent trouble areas like lost keys or damaged windscreens.”

The rules of the road regarding proper rental insurance cover is nicely presented in a new video by carrentals.co.uk that can be viewed at http://www.carrentals.co.uk/extras/car-hire-insurance. They also have an excellent site devoted to common questions and the correct answers at http://forum.carrentals.co.uk/collision-damage-waiver-excess-insurance.

“One of our goals is to arm travellers with the right information to help them manage their budget effectively,” Gareth adds. “The video lays it all out there in black and white so that you won’t feel pressured to pay for cover you don’t really need. There definitely is a good case for buying extra cover, so we’ve created our own policy for our clients that tosses out the unnecessary things and keeps the good ones at a price everyone can appreciate.”

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Summer holiday season sees award-winning online comparator serve up Spanish savings

With the summer holiday season in full swing many British tourists are right now taking the opportunity to head off overseas for some Spanish sunshine and Sangria. With budgets remaining tight as the economic recovery continues, leading online car hire price comparison specialist Carrentals.co.uk has introduced new deals from top suppliers to help people find the best value for money around.

Carrentals.co.uk helps travellers and tourists to save money on hire car deals from all the top companies including Alamo, Auto Europe, Budget, Holiday Autos and Sixt. This week the website has introduced the latest deals designed to help people save money on their car hire needs in Spain’s Alicante, with deals to be had from as little as £115 for a full week’s rental*.

The Carrentals.co.uk website specialises in helping people to save money on their holiday car rentals, and thanks to cheap flights making travel to Spain easier than ever, people are heading to Spain in great numbers for a summer break. With that in mind, Carrentals.co.uk can help people enjoy the best value car hire Alicante Airport has available thanks to its comparing all the latest deals around.

Managing Director of Carrentals.co.uk, Gareth Robinson, comments, “Alicante is one of those permanently popular destinations with Brits, and so we’re seeing a lot of demand for rentals there at present. Because we update our site in real time we’re always able to offer the very best value for money car hire Spain has to offer.”

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Exploring England’s capital won’t break the bank with rental deals from online rate comparison experts

Travellers heading to London this summer can start the savings early by booking their rental car online with Carrentals.co.uk, one of the leading internet car hire specialists. Customers can browse the current prices and special offers from 50 leading car hire firms to help find the best rates at over 15,000 travel destinations around the world.

There are dozens of convenient car hire pick-up locations across London, making it easy to get mobile soon after landing in the capital. A car rental UK booked online through Carrentals.co.uk can be picked up in train stations like St Pancreas International, all of the capital’s airports and many well-known hotels. By visiting their website, customers can compare the latest rates from international rental outfits such as Auto Europe, Budget, Ebookers, Holiday Autos, Opodo and Thrifty to find the deal that’s best for them.

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of Carrentals.co.uk, comments, “Our goal is to get the right rental car into our customer’s hands at the best price possible. London is no cheap holiday, but the savings from booking with us translates into more cash to spend on highlights like the London Eye and the Tate Modern. Having a rental vehicle also makes it cheap and easy to visit nearby towns like Cotswolds or Brighton for the day.”

There are almost too many attractions in London. Visitors have the daunting challenge of choosing from sites like the Tower of London, The British Museum, Madame Tussaud’s and the hundreds of options for dining, drinking and evening entertainment. With a car rental London there is more time for sightseeing and greater convenience in terms of moving about the capital with total flexibility. Public transport and taxis are not cheap in London, so many travellers discover the cost of a rental car is actually a cheaper way to go.

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