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2p Fuel Duty Increase Will Cost Drivers £1 Billion Extra in the Next Year

As petrol prices spike at a six month high of 104.7p per litre, Brits face the prospect of another 2p per litre rise in fuel duty on 1 September. New analysis from uSwitch.com, the independent price comparison and switching service, reveals that consumers will be forced to shell out an extra £29 per year as a result of the impending price hike – equating to an additional £1.16 for every tank of petrol they buy. In total, this will cost UK drivers over £36 million in the next month alone as the cost of filling the average tank hits over £62. This is a 26% (£12.99) increase since 2007, when a full tank cost a more modest £49.22 (87.9p per litre).

Adding insult to injury for motorists, industry experts suggest that petrol prices are in fact set to soar by up to 3p a litre at the height of the holiday season this month, due to the rising prices of oil and an 8% rise in the wholesale cost of fuel. Coupled with the double whammy of the 2p fuel duty increase, consumers could be subject to a 5p a litre rise in total. Further knocks to drivers include government plans to end the temporary cut in VAT on January 1, 2010 – just months after the fuel duty increase comes into force.

However, the research suggests that British motorists are not simply prepared to sit back and watch their petrol bills rocket! One in three drivers (33%) are now planning to ditch their larger gas guzzlers and in favour of a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle, with over a third (36%) citing fuel efficiency as the most important consideration when buying a new vehicle.

“It is not surprising that, for drivers looking to buy a new or second-hand vehicle, size increasingly matters. Flash Harry’s are becoming well and truly flushed, with more and more motorists prioritising fuel efficiency over ‘forecourt flashiness’ by downsizing their cars to pre-empt the increasing expense of filling up the tank. Getting from A to B is more about MPG than ever before, and, with further petrol price increases in the offing, drivers are right to think about the total running costs of a vehicle before making a final decision on the forecourt.”

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Online Tyre Retailer Blackcircles.com Launches Service In The Netherlands

Selecting the right tyres for your vehicle is now easier than ever for Dutch motorists with the launch of Auto Banden Shop – the Dutch trading site for online tyre retailer Blackcircles.com.

By visiting Autobandenshop.com, motorists in The Netherlands can now have access all the major tyre brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop and Continental at the kind of low prices that have already transformed the UK market.

The ability to purchase online and have tyres delivered straight to their home will now make it easier than ever for Dutch motorists to stay safe on the road and choose high quality tyres.

Mike Welch, Managing Director of Blackcircles.com, said: “One of the core guiding principles of Blackcircles.com is that there should be no barriers to tyre safety and we are delighted to be helping Dutch motorists to stay safe on the road.”

“The decision to enter the Dutch market was driven by what we were seeing amongst competitors who are growing on the back of offering customers an inferior deal.”

“Our aim in Holland is to set a new standard for low cost tyres combined with high quality service.”

In the UK, the company’s fast, high quality service has ensured that 40% of its monthly business comes f r o m customer referrals. Blackcircles.com has been able to save customers an average of 40% on their normal purchase of tyres.

Mike Welch is one of the UK’s leading young entrepreneurs having left school at 16 to become a tyre fitter before going on to launch Blackcircles.com in 2001 and take it to turnover of £10 million.


Blackcircles.com was founded by Mike Welch in 2001 and has more than 300,000 customers and sales of £10m. In 2008, Pneus En Ligne was launched in France, offering mail order tyres for the French auto market.

Autobanden Shop in Holland is one of several other European trading sites launched by Blackcircles.com which include Mein Reifen in Germany, Neumaticos-net in Spain, and Pneumatici Tutte in Italy. Blackcircles.com was recently named as one of 20 winners at the 2009 BT Business Essence of the Entrepreneur awards, where Mr Welch also received the Most Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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Scottish Motorists Leave Russell Standing For Kiera

Scottish drivers are ten times more likely to stop at the roadside for Hollywood star Kiera Knightley than controversial comedian Russell Brand, while only 1% would help Kerry Katona, according to a recent survey.

Kiera Knightley topped a poll by Internet tyres retailer Blackcircles.com, with 30% of all Scottish motorists saying they would come to her rescue if she had a flat tyre. In contrast, the figures revealed that TV & radio presenter Russell Brand, himself no stranger to TV and movie success, would be helped by just 3% of motorists in the country.

Former Atomic Kitten singer and reality TV star Kerry Katona fared worst of all in the survey of more than 1,000 drivers, with just 1% saying they would give her roadside assistance, leaving her joint bottom of the survey with football ‘hardman’ Vinnie Jones.

Mike Welch, managing director of Blackcircles.com, which operates from 95 garages in Scotland, says the survey highlights some quirky points about motorists’ behaviour. He says: “It’s reassuring that there are still some Good Samaritans on our roads, especially if you happen to be a beautiful Hollywood A-lister.

“My advice to Kerry and Russell would be, if you’re planning a trip to Scotland in the near future, check your tyres immediately because the public won’t be coming to your rescue!”

Blackcircles.com operates by allowing customers to buy their tyres online or over the phone and have them fitted at one of more than a thousand independent garages across the country, with savings of up to 40 percent compared to high street tyre retailers.

Blackcircles.com was founded by Mike Welch and has more than 300,000 clients and sales of more than £10m. Mr Welch is the former business and e-commerce manager at Kwik Fit and founded Blackcircles.com in 2001. Blackcircles.com offers over 40,000 tyre items from budget tyres to mid-range and premium brands. Blackcircles.com was recently named as one of 20 winners at the 2009 BT Business Essence of the Entrepreneur awards, where Mr Welch also received the Most Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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LV= car insurance has revealed that almost one in five drivers (19%) has downsized or sold one of their cars since the onset of the credit crunch in a bid to save money

LV= has revealed the main reason given by motorists for downsizing their vehicle over the last eighteen months was to save money in fuel (61%) while nearly a third (29%) said they did it to cut the cost of road tax. Those who downsized their vehicle estimate they have already saved an average £309.

Despite the emphasis from the Government on ‘greener’ driving, only one in six (15%) of those who had downsized cited environmental concerns as part of their decision.

Almost a quarter (23%) of respondents to the LV= survey said they would consider buying a second car to reduce their insurance premiums. LV= analysts recommend looking for a common make of car with a smaller engine as that will generally help to reduce insurance costs.

LV= also suggested several steps motorists should take in order to get the best value car insurance including shopping around and ensuring the driver has the right class of cover and is not paying for business or commuting use if they don’t require it.

With more UK motorists downsizing, or buying second hand instead of new cars, the effect on new car sales has been catastrophic, with sales of new cars falling by a third over the last year and 600 fewer vehicles a week being registered in November 2008 compared to the same time the year before. As a result, car production has slumped by a third over the last year and the Government is now considering extending state aid to the troubled motor industry.

John O’Roarke, Managing Director of LV= Car Insurance, said: “Buying a car is often the second biggest purchase people make after their house so it’s only natural that in the current economic downturn, when people are being more careful with their money, they also look to save on motoring costs.

“This is undoubtedly a smart move, as the credit crunch looks set to bite deeper. By following the guidelines above, motorists downsizing should be able to make significant savings every year without having to consider getting rid of their car altogether.”

Opinium Research carried out a survey of 1,954 people between 12 and 16 December 2008.

About LV=:
LV= is a trademark of Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited (LVFS) and LV= is a trading style of the Liverpool Victoria group of companies. The new LV= brand identity was launched in March 2007. LV= employs more than 3,700 people, serves more than 3.6 million customers and members, and manages around £7 billion on their behalf. LV= is also the UK’s largest friendly society (Association of Friendly Societies Year Book 2006/2007, Total Net Assets) and a leading mutual financial services provider. The company offers car, travel, home insurance, and pet insurance direct to consumers by telephone from its UK call centres in Bournemouth and Croydon and online from its website: www.lv.com

LV= insures over 1.6 million cars and 480,000 households in the UK and has been awarded the Defaqto five star insurance rating for home and car insurance.

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Precautions motorists can take to see if they are “good to go” for the road this fall and winter season

Motorists don’t need an automotive member services club like AAA to tell them that when the long sunny days quickly give way to cold, rain and the occasional premature snowflakes, it’s a good sign to begin preparing their vehicle for the fall and winter months.

One precaution a motorist can take to see if they are “good to go” for the road is to take the following survey. If the answer is a definite “yes” to all of the eight questions, they are ready for the fall and winter seasons. If there’s a “no” response on any one, well, there may be some further maintenance required by the motorist.

1. Do you consider yourself a defensive driver and use common sense to adjust your driving habits during adverse weather conditions?

2. Do you maintain a full gas tank to lower condensation for increased fuel mileage?

3. Do you follow the rule of thumb of not to use overdrive in cold or freezing temperatures?

4. Do you know that four-wheel drive make give you better “get-up and go” but it won’t stop your vehicle any faster?

5. Did you know that if you add the weight of a spray-on bedliner to the rear of your truck it provides greater traction? The additional 50 pounds from an Ameraguard Sprayed On Bedliner will give a driver greater opportunity to deter rear wheel skids plus the skid-resistant coating will be handy in wet conditions when loading/unloading work or personal stuff.

6. Is your vehicle equipped with the necessary emergency supplies – like jumper cables, tow chain, shovel, and flashlights — if you and your passengers are stranded?

7. Does your vehicle have a breakdown kit? The basic items include food, water, first-aid kit, road flares, plus warm clothing and accessories as blankets, gloves, boots, and hats.

8. Is the heater and defroster working properly?

These are but a few of the Basic 101 Vehicle Maintenance Tips that any motorist can follow to ensure a smoother and safer ride this winter for family and friends. Other maintenance checkpoints include checking the fluids regularly; maintaining a strong battery; and that all the headlights are shining brightly.

For more information on how vehicles owners can better prepare their car or truck for the seasons’ change, when the weather turns bad and rust and corrosion begins to show signs of attacking the exposed metal like a truck bed, visit www.ameraguard.com or call toll-free 1-866-366-7035.

About Ameraguard Coatings USA

Ameraguard Coatings USA, a pioneer in the sprayed bedliner business, was incorporated in 1991. Over the years, we have grown into a family of dealers across North America, built upon a foundation of integrity, innovation, quality and a dedication to customer service.

Before most of our competitors entered the sprayed bedliner market, we were well on our way to becoming the most experienced and technically advanced company in the industry. We are a supplier of high quality materials, equipment and technical expertise.

Ameraguard puts our network of dealers first in the marketplace, with equipment and chemical technology, application techniques and innovative marketing strategies.

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