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etyres Backs the FairFuelUK Campaign

etyres, the UK’s leading online tyre company, is backing the national FairFuelUK campaign, led by prominent motoring expert Quentin Willson, as petrol and diesel prices reached record heights in March 2011.

With the prices set to soar even higher in April following a second VAT hike so far this year, the online tyre company has added its support to the campaign.

Tony Bowman, managing director of etyres, said: “We applaud Quentin Willson and the campaign efforts to urge the government to put the brakes on the next increase in fuel duty and to commit to keeping prices down in the future.

“But in the meantime, motorists are still feeling the increasing financial pain of filling up at the pumps because they are not getting as many miles for their money.

“It’s also important to remember that under-inflated tyres cause higher fuel consumption as the tyres have an increased rolling resistance, which means that the engine has to work harder and more fuel is used, making the car less economical.”

The average price for petrol currently stands at a record £1.32 for a litre, with diesel at £1.37. A rise in fuel duty due in April could see prices rise by another 5p per litre.

The French government has told motorists to make sure their tyres were properly inflated and to cut their speed after ruling out a reduction in fuel taxes.

However, the FairFuelUK campaign is continuing to gather political momentum in the run up to the UK Budget on March 23 2011 with at least 135 MPs backing the cause.

Now as the deadline for the Governments announcement on fuel tax speeds closer, motorists who want to support the campaign can go to FairFuelUK’s website and sign the online petition.

About etyres:
Launched in 1997, etyres is the UK’s first online tyres retailer. It operates a mobile fitting service, which means customers can have their tyres fitted at a location of their choice – either at their home or place of work.

Its low overheads mean the price customers pay is always low – up to 40% cheaper than the leading high street tyre depots on a wide range of tyres, from premium to budget brands.

etyres sells a number of different tyres in the UK including Continental tyres, caravan tyres, motorhome tyres, trailer tyres and 4×4 car tyres as well as well as providing tyres all over the UK including tyres in Colchester.

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Tyres & MOTs – Don’t Be Caught Out, Plan Ahead

October is Tyre Safety Month – a time when retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and independent non-profit organisations are united in the task of trying to raise as much awareness as possible on a very important issue.

There are of course many good reasons behind checking tyres on a regular basis, from the safety aspects to the money saving qualities. One reason however, seems to be missed out quite often. That is the significance of having safe and legal tyres for an MOT test.

If a motorist fails to keep a regular eye on the condition of their tyres, they are running the risk of failing an MOT. One of the most important checks carried out – by law – during an MOT is on tyres.

To pass, tyres need to have a legal tread depth – in the UK the current requirements are at least 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre. They also need to be in good shape, i.e. no bulges or gouges on the sidewall or the tread.

MOT Test Statistics for 2007

Description Figures from 2007

Total MOT’s carried out: 25,324,224
Total MOT Passes: 16,441,292
Total MOT Failures: 8,882,932
Percentage Failure rate: 35.08%
Due To Tyres: 3,187,124
Percentage Of Failure On Tyres: 35.88%

When looking at the above 2007 MOT statistics, it is plain to see that of the 8,882,932 failures, over a third were due to the vehicle’s tyres.

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Tyre Retailer Blackcircles.com Starts 2010 With A New Look, A New Service And Another Award

A new year is often a time for a change, an overhaul, a new look. That is exactly what happened at Blackcircles.com. Since 2010 began, returning visitors to the award winning and highly popular tyre retailer’s website will have noticed that things have changed for the better.

A lighter layout and easier navigation system, as well as a simpler yet safer purchasing process have helped to enhance the already high standards of customer service that Blackcircles.com has built its reputation on.

Since the launch of the new site, customer feedback has been very positive; with the customer comment section of the website receiving many ‘new look’ related messages. According to the online tyre retailer, one of the main focuses for the change was to make the shopping experience – which its customers went through – even easier than it had been previously. One look at the feedback shows that they’ve managed exactly what they set out to do.

Michael Welch founder and Managing Director of Blackcircles.com, when talking about the site said, “I’m delighted with what the guys have developed. The site is looking great and is a lot easier to get to grips with”.

Just after the successful unveiling of the new look, Blakcircles.com received more good news in the form of a Hitwise award for July –December of 2009. They received the award after being ranked in the top 10 of the ‘Shopping and Classifieds – Automotive’ category for the latter half of the year.

Richard Rankin, Head of Ecommerce at Blackcircles.com, was very pleased with the award and predicts that with the recent makeover that next year they can look forward to more awards in 2010 – “we’re understandably very happy and proud to have been handed the award and look to build on this achievement in 2010.”

As well as the new look, Blackcircles.com have launched a new car servicing option for consumers on the lookout for inexpensive yet reliable maintenance. By using the network – over 1,100 across the UK – that they have built up over the years, Blackcircles.com can offer motorists the chance to have their car service at a local service station for up to 60% of the price of many of the high street dealers.

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Online Tyre Retailer Blackcircles.com Launches Service In The Netherlands

Selecting the right tyres for your vehicle is now easier than ever for Dutch motorists with the launch of Auto Banden Shop – the Dutch trading site for online tyre retailer Blackcircles.com.

By visiting Autobandenshop.com, motorists in The Netherlands can now have access all the major tyre brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop and Continental at the kind of low prices that have already transformed the UK market.

The ability to purchase online and have tyres delivered straight to their home will now make it easier than ever for Dutch motorists to stay safe on the road and choose high quality tyres.

Mike Welch, Managing Director of Blackcircles.com, said: “One of the core guiding principles of Blackcircles.com is that there should be no barriers to tyre safety and we are delighted to be helping Dutch motorists to stay safe on the road.”

“The decision to enter the Dutch market was driven by what we were seeing amongst competitors who are growing on the back of offering customers an inferior deal.”

“Our aim in Holland is to set a new standard for low cost tyres combined with high quality service.”

In the UK, the company’s fast, high quality service has ensured that 40% of its monthly business comes f r o m customer referrals. Blackcircles.com has been able to save customers an average of 40% on their normal purchase of tyres.

Mike Welch is one of the UK’s leading young entrepreneurs having left school at 16 to become a tyre fitter before going on to launch Blackcircles.com in 2001 and take it to turnover of £10 million.


Blackcircles.com was founded by Mike Welch in 2001 and has more than 300,000 customers and sales of £10m. In 2008, Pneus En Ligne was launched in France, offering mail order tyres for the French auto market.

Autobanden Shop in Holland is one of several other European trading sites launched by Blackcircles.com which include Mein Reifen in Germany, Neumaticos-net in Spain, and Pneumatici Tutte in Italy. Blackcircles.com was recently named as one of 20 winners at the 2009 BT Business Essence of the Entrepreneur awards, where Mr Welch also received the Most Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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Scottish Motorists Leave Russell Standing For Kiera

Scottish drivers are ten times more likely to stop at the roadside for Hollywood star Kiera Knightley than controversial comedian Russell Brand, while only 1% would help Kerry Katona, according to a recent survey.

Kiera Knightley topped a poll by Internet tyres retailer Blackcircles.com, with 30% of all Scottish motorists saying they would come to her rescue if she had a flat tyre. In contrast, the figures revealed that TV & radio presenter Russell Brand, himself no stranger to TV and movie success, would be helped by just 3% of motorists in the country.

Former Atomic Kitten singer and reality TV star Kerry Katona fared worst of all in the survey of more than 1,000 drivers, with just 1% saying they would give her roadside assistance, leaving her joint bottom of the survey with football ‘hardman’ Vinnie Jones.

Mike Welch, managing director of Blackcircles.com, which operates from 95 garages in Scotland, says the survey highlights some quirky points about motorists’ behaviour. He says: “It’s reassuring that there are still some Good Samaritans on our roads, especially if you happen to be a beautiful Hollywood A-lister.

“My advice to Kerry and Russell would be, if you’re planning a trip to Scotland in the near future, check your tyres immediately because the public won’t be coming to your rescue!”

Blackcircles.com operates by allowing customers to buy their tyres online or over the phone and have them fitted at one of more than a thousand independent garages across the country, with savings of up to 40 percent compared to high street tyre retailers.

Blackcircles.com was founded by Mike Welch and has more than 300,000 clients and sales of more than £10m. Mr Welch is the former business and e-commerce manager at Kwik Fit and founded Blackcircles.com in 2001. Blackcircles.com offers over 40,000 tyre items from budget tyres to mid-range and premium brands. Blackcircles.com was recently named as one of 20 winners at the 2009 BT Business Essence of the Entrepreneur awards, where Mr Welch also received the Most Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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